Fishing for catfish in the fall

Fishing for catfish in the fall – a simple, yet very interesting to do, besides bringing a good catch a lot of positive emotions angler. With decreasing temperature and the onset of cloudy weather the fish starts to eat actively, taking care to leave a favorite place. As a rule, to determine the place of residence, as well as the best time catching catfish in the fall is much more complicated than any other time of the year. For this it is advisable to observe the behavior of fish such as Chub, carp and bream: this fish as its location, with high probability, can indicate the location of soma. Feeding catfish, usually changing daily. He is still active and can eat like foggy days and peaceful nights. But it is worth noting that the most active bite occurs is still afternoon or morning, not at night.

Fishing for catfish in the fall also depends on the place catch: much better bite in deep holes, not in the shallows. Fishing must be absolute silence, because som is a very timid and cautious fish, which at the slightest sudden sound, immediately leave their homes.


One of the most effective gear for catching catfish in the fall is considered to be the feeder. Moreover, before fishing, you must prepare the tackle and bait. As bait you can take worms, mussels, crayfish or baitfish. In addition, it is desirable to measure the depth of the reservoir and be sure to explore the bottom topography. You can take a rope tied to the cargo that moves along the bottom, and then chooses the most appropriate point of catching and depth.


To increase the likelihood of getting a good haul of catfish must be fed. Bait can be a variety of products: fish fillets, offal of poultry, liver, meat, bread etc. several days before fishing, you should pre-bait fish: in a manger lay the bait and make a few casts. Then the trough with the bait is thrown completely, and when it drops to the bottom, it should pull sharply and pour all the contents to the bottom.

While fishing on the bottom set leashes with hooks and a small feeder. An important factor for good catfish in the fall is the accuracy of the cast. So before fishing it is advisable to practice to throw the feeder. It will have to do quite often, checking the condition of the bait and renewing the bait if necessary. After that comes perhaps the most exciting moment is «pending», which may last up to half an hour. At this time som like «tasting» the bait. Once you understand that the fish start to eat the bait, it is necessary to strike sharply and immediately start to draw out it.

The fish

Fish catfish – quite a complicated process that requires the angler a huge physical strength, skill and caution, because hooked fish is starting to have an unbelievable resistance. Usually this is for large instances. For the successful launch of the fish will have the most tiring. If hooked catfish small size, it can be slowly pulled to the surface without undue twitching. Some fishers to retrieve catfish from the water used bagorik, which hangs under the lower jaw of the fish.


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