Fishing for catfish in September

The September fishing for catfish has a number of features associated with noticeable changes in fish behavior. With the arrival of autumn rains and cold weather it becomes harder to determine the Parking location of soma. Schedule search for food at this time, he’s also fickle and changeable. For example, it may be enough to feed actively during the night and also be active on cloudy foggy days, starting to prepare for the imminent hibernation. To determine the habitats of catfish, experienced fishermen advise to focus on other fish species such as Chub, bream, carp, carp. They are always nearby, but, unlike som, is actively betray their presence in this place.

Fishing for catfish in September – very simple and yet quite interesting.

At this time the fish starts to eat without leaving their favorite places. Hunting catfish in this period is constantly changing. Today he went hunting in calm and quiet night and tomorrow will take the bait only in the daytime. Noticed that in September, catfish are more active during the day. In addition, the bite it depends first of all from the place of fishing in the deep holes much better chance of successful fishing than shallow water.

In September, som perfectly caught on the feeder. Bait can be a bunch of worms, crab meat, live bait. Before starting fishing, you should carefully study the bottom topography in order to find a suitable place for fishing. Not be amiss when fishing for catfish in September to use a variety of bait. You can take a fillet of fish, bread, meat, etc. Before you start fishing, you must make a prior complementary feeding, that is, the bait is placed in the trough and produce a few casts. Only after feeding you can start the process of fishing.

The main factor in feeder fishing for catfish in September is the accuracy of the cast. That is why before you go fishing, you need to practice a little. Angler-sometime will have to make a lot of accusations, as we will have to continually add the bait and check the status of the nozzle. After casting gear comes the most exciting moment – waiting for the fish to bite. Sometimes you have to wait a very long time to wait until som I will try the suggested cap, and only then it finally caught.

When fishing for catfish in September on spinning the most effective are the large spoons lures. Equipment requirements are the same as in feeder fishing, strength, strength and more strength. The technique of deducing the September of soma is the same as July or August. As a nozzle it is better to use a large spoon lures bright colors. The main thing to approach the matter with calmness and caution.

Fish catfish in September, especially for large instance is a fairly complex process that requires the angler a significant effort and special skills. September fishing can give the angler a lot of surprises. Moreover, they can be not only positive. But every fisherman is waiting for fishing only positive, while for the true professional there is a different way. Because by itself the September fishing for catfishand the fresh air near the pond with a fishing rod in his hands – already important event.


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