Fishing for catfish in may

Until maywhen the water warms up to ten degrees and above, it is possible to do with catching catfish. This fish lives in the deep holes and at the beginning of may starts to climb out of their shelters in search of food. Catfish feed on fish, frogs, some small animals trapped in water, for example mice. And it doesn’t have to be live animals — catfish are not averse to eat and carrion. Here it is worth taking note of, going for catfish. To catch this fish both day and night, and the night bite is significantly improved, because day som is most often asleep and inactive, and the night chosen for the hunt. In early may a good method of fishing is fishing on the Donk. As bait you can use a bunch of worms. The rod should be strong, not necessarily flexible, the line is also quite tough and durable, heavy sinker, preferably of circular shape, and flat or rectangular so that it is not dragged over the bottom. A sinker tied to the end of the line, and above tally leashes length of about thirty inches. Usually three of them. The hooks are big and sharp.

Now about the bait. To catch catfish in may from the shore is best at night. About the bait, care should be taken in advance. It is better to prepare several types of lures. Old experienced fishermen catch sparrows, they burn over the fire and use as bait. At first glance, this method of preparing fish bait seems barbaric and cruel, but when I first used charred sparrows, once it becomes clear how effective this bait. Catfish very good on the smell.

Another good bait for catching catfish is medvedki. They are found in burrows along the banks of streams. They can be used both in live and in living condition.

Further frogs. Usually they are not prepared in advance, and catch at the fishing spot. Frogs are used for bait not so much a Donk as zakidushku. This gear, similar to the Donk, but it has one hook and has no rods. It’s just fishing line, sinker and hook. Thrown such a set in expected habitat of the catfish and leave it for the night. Check zakidushki at any convenient time. Don’t be afraid to create extra noise on the water when casting, it will not scare away the soma, but rather attract.

More catfish are caught on Kwok. Kwok is a device, or in other words a tool that creates a gurgling sound when in contact with water. This sound simulates a chomping catfish during feeding, so som willing to this kind of a decoy. With Kwok fishing from a boat. Swim over deep pits, down with the boat tackle bait, most often it is the frog, and begin cochiti. With this method of catching catfish the probability of catching large instance is greatly increased.

Next Wobbler. Baits for catfish have a large enough size. Rod takes about two and a half meters in length and strong enough to withstand the weight of 50 pounds and to compensate for the jerks fish. Fishing line is better to take wicker and dual coil clearomizer. Spinning reel is not suitable, because such fish as catfish, especially large ones, can easily bring her down.

Fishing for catfish in may is a great opportunity to compete with large and strong fish, to produce a record-breaking trophies, and enjoy a real man’s fishing. The catfish is delicious meat that practically no bones. It is better to use in food meat of young fish as it is softer and tastier, and meat is a big, old catfish has a taste with hints of slime, which are quite strongly felt as in cooked and fried meat. That taste comes from the old catfish because they are inactive, does not move, and just lie all the time on the bottom of some deep pit, why and are covered with silt.

Good luck and record-breaking catches!

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