Fishing for catfish in June

Every self-respecting fisherman must have the necessary information on catching catfish at least in theory as in practice to catch catfish is far from all the fishing. Soma is very important for the water temperature. He doesn’t like warm water, it is virtually impossible to find in ponds where the water temperature rises above fifteen degrees – in this case, it lies on the bottom, where there was springs, and the water cooler.

The best time for catfish is may and beginning of June. This period ends with the spawning and fish especially need food. You’ve never caught a catfish in shallow waters, because it is not found at depths less than five meters. Day catfish prefer to hide under the driftwood and hunting out only after sunset. At this time, they usually get caught. There are many devices for catching catfish: the imitation fish and fishing rods. But the real fishermen usually use Kwok. To catch catfish on Kwok – a sign of real skill. Kwok is a device that emits sounds, able to lure a catfish. The fisherman is in a boat and meets soma expired nozzle with hook – usually a large caterpillar, a leech or locust. But these attachments are usually small, because fishing is for catfish, large, overweight, not on roaches some. Therefore, the nozzle serve crayfish, and even birds or pieces of meat. It is known that a favorite treat som is a toad, so you can use as bait and its. Then begins a fierce struggle between man and powerful fish. Catfish usually crushes with its power and weight, because of this, he isn’t as fast as other fish. If the fisherman feels that som firmly biting the bait, it starts slow but confident movements to pull up the rope or thick fishing line to the boat. All this happens usually afloat. The adult soma is jammed with a mallet. Especially large specimens not recommended to tighten the boat, and a tugboat pulled ashore and fished there. Because of the huge power and size of catfish it is not necessary to catch him alone, so the fishermen usually work in pairs to avoid accidents. But, alas, they happen quite often. Due to the fact that the catfish lives at the bottom or in shady places, where usually sail driftwood, fishermen often confuse lead the line with these catfish caught on a hook. It can be dangerous for the fisherman, relax, and miss a soma attack or attempt to escape. So remember the rule: every minute can not relax. It’s still catfish! Best places for catfish in June are considered the Delta of our great rivers: the Volga-mother and don. But to catch catfish can be taken on the Klyazma river or the Oka river. It is known that in different areas catfish caught in June, in different ways, used different methods of fishing. So before fishing it is necessary oznakomitsya with your location for more successful catch. And don’t forget: fishing is an art, and fishing for catfish – the-art in the square!


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