Fishing for catfish in July

No fisherman will not remain indifferent at the mention of the river of Lord soma. Many fishermen claim that in our rivers can catch individual specimens weighing about 80 kg

The place of residence.

Catfish move in search of food mainly during the vision. To the surface of the water, they can only go out on very hot days. And sometimes catfish at night go in search of food in small places to the coast. Catfish typically spends its life in a pit.

This fish of life in solitary, and only occasionally is possible to observe a small cluster in the wintering pits. Young somata the first 2-3 years of life also prefer to stick together, living in the stern. Som does not like to be in muddy water, and therefore, during rain, when the water in the river becomes cloudy, it tends to go closer to the surface. He also behaves before a storm.

Ways to identify.

It is possible to watch the movement of the soma, even at a depth of 10 meters. Soma leave a distinctive mark on the water when you move, make sounds and background noise that makes it easy to find them. When the catfish grabs the prey on the water surface, formation of ripples and heard the distinctive sound that cannot be compared with anything. July is one of the best periods for catching catfish. At this time, the water gets warm (18-22C) and a catfish spawning begins. The best fishing is from dusk to dawn. But during the day it is possible to catch if the bait will be held close to the mouth of the fish. Catch Catfish at the morning and evening dawn and catch some catfish in the pits during the daylight hours.


Bait for catfish is different, but most importantly, she moved and had a distinct smell. Catfish has a good sense of smell. Live bait produces in the water a vibration that attracts the catfish. Their super-sensitive whiskers serve as sensors of danger and make the fish in case of danger to alert. The best bait for catfish is pieces of fish or squid, fish pellets, pieces of sausage or liver, seasoned meat. A favorite bait for catfish is frogs, leeches, meat, shells-perlovits. Catfish can be caught on bait and inanimate. Then the bait from various food waste mixed with singed bits of hair or feathers of birds.

Means of fishing.

Catfish good to catch bottom fishing. Gear set in the direction of the shallows on the way out of the pit, and the nearest shallow-water area, adjacent to the pit. Frequent bursts will tell you where to catch catfish. When using bottom gear we have to remember that som in July can be quite long to stay in the rubble and there is a ground rod caught fish will be almost impossible to pull even in the presence of the boat. So before you install the bottom gear, in the place where you want to throw, you need to check the bottom, given that when fish have to pass the line and the predator may leave aside for 15-20 meters at least.

Features the July fishing.

If a catfish is hooked, it is hard to get. Catfish often bite, and not rush to strike. Better to bleed a bit of fishing line — even stronger catfish will take the bait. The fight with large catfish can be a lengthy and quite heavy. Feeling resistance gear, he’ll try to overcome it. In this case, you should not keep catfish and to let go of the line, avoiding a fight at close range. It is also important to avoid hooking the fishing line for driftwood, which tends to hide the fish. But if that happened, then you need a little twitch of the line or tap on the rod. This will help bring the catfish out of his shelter. The farther som will move away from the coast, the more he will get pissed off and thereby increase the chances for angler success. Catch catfish angler requires caution, especially if the line you choose and hands. And the main thing – do not hurry, do everything quietly and patiently. The only way luck can be completely on your side.


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