Fishing for catfish in August

Catfish is the largest freshwater predator. In the history of recorded facts produce catfish up to 5 m in length and 300 kg weight. But most of the fishermen are dealing with specimens weighing up to 8-10 kg

Catfish is a night predator. In the daytime he prefers to stay under the shelter, on the streets, lying in wait prey. And with the onset of night, in search of food som in August, out to shallow water, to water the Bush to feast on unwary frogs, which he just loves. For Parking, the fish chooses the most cluttered places of the river, deep holes, littered with snags or pitfalls, deep pools near the dam, washed away the steep and deep banks.

The main food of the catfish are small, medium and even large fish. Do not refuse it, from crayfish, mollusks, worms, Chicks of waterfowl or careless adult ducks. But the special treat for him are green frogs.

Fishing for catfish in August angler requires special observation and durable gear. The best bits of frogs, plotnicki medium size and fried sparrows, because catfish love the smell of burnt hair or feathers. For catching catfish spinning reel bait use sinking lures white oblong baubles or small snastochki with small fish. The most productive places will be shallows in front of the whirlpools and deep holes where catfish live. In the pits with great depth without current catfish it is best to catch jigging The bait put narrow spoon large size, around 8-10 cm, with triple or single hooks. To increase the weight sometimes it is soldered tin. Catfish, usually trolling with a uniform or try after damping oscillations. Predator also attracted to the spoon, stirring the soil and creates a mild haze.

At the August fishing for catfish on the bottom fishing the bait should be lowered to the ground on the coastal stranded or in the pool, at the mouth of the tributary or at the exit from the pit.

Very effective catching catfish in Kwok August, which is a curved instrument of metal or wood with a flat nose on the end. Upon hitting the water he makes a sound that attracts catfish. Fishing on Kwok’s best friend: the angler controls the gear, the other controls the boat. After three blows with Kwok on the surface of the water should be a small pause, lasting a few seconds. If then bite, then blows Kwok need to repeat a little to the left or to the right. Opening Somavia pits most often happens by accident. If fishing live bait in the tackle is your fishing-line breaks, so this bait was interested in the large catfish living close by. The closeness Somavia pits often indicates an open mounted on a durable night donkey. The pit usually is located slightly downstream, as the catfish goes hunting always against the current.

The best time for catching catfish in August is the period from dusk until dawn. But in daytime also not ruled out the possibility of its bite. But this decoy must pass quite close to his mouth. It is believed that catfish are most active at dusk and night. Usually, this refers to large specimens, weighing more than 30 kg. But the vast majority of actively throughout the day. At dusk the catfish are starting to move in the water column as close as possible to the surface.

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