Fishing for carp

Often carp are called «fish with fads». He begins to bite in early spring, but the best time for catching this fish in July, after spawning. Carp at this time rarely appears in clean places, mostly rests in the grass.

For the best fishing , it is desirable to clear space in the thickets of aquatic plants. The cleared area you need to sand.

Anticipating bad weather, cyclone, and when the direction of the wind biting crucian carp stops. To fishing was successful, the necessary bait, for example, bread crumbs. It would be nice for them to add a few drops of vegetable or anise oil.

Fishing should start not too early so the morning was quiet, calm. Big carp – residents tihovolya – very shy. They’re scared of ranges of nozzles used in inclement weather. Fishing is well suited to the long, supple, light rod. Fishing line needs to be thinner, stronger hook ( preferably light colored ) tempered, sensitive float. To catch carp you can using various nozzles: worms, insects, crust of bread, barley, dough… On the shore should be a good disguise and silence.

Sometimes for catching carp using a fish fry or meat. To make a nozzle small carp cut into slices ( bones discarded ). Stinger hook cloaked in the flesh of fillets. It is interesting to note that in some places in late summer, a large carp bite is very weak, but the meat of their relatives still do not give up.

Some fans adjust to catch carp at the water surface. Often carp on a warm morning, rise to the surface and make a «game». Their behavior at this time violent, they spill, make noise. The bait should be used with a small bobber, fishing line with no sinkers. The nozzle may serve as a red worm, a piece of bread…

Carp and tench – lovers of sunflower seeds. The seeds are roasted, crushed and mixed with soaked bread. Makes a great bait for this fish. The bait do in the evening and in the morning caught on bloodworms or worms.