Fishing for carp — the untrained eye

Carp can be quite fair to mention among the most fishing trophies. It is logical — the fish was strong and large. In General, an eligible opponent on the hook. But paradoxically, come across the carp (often carp), mainly as bycatch in the hunt for other fish species. There are, of course, spices-carpatica sitting in their chairs with armrests and long, watching the bite alarm. The author of these lines last like to rank well can not, so today’s a little different story.

I myself am an avid spinner, but if there is a case to hunt for the carp, why not?! If you want the carp through the eyes of a layman.

…It is still in the distant school years. Being summer holidays in the village, drove my friend to a small reservoir. It would be truer to call this pond a large pond, have a dam. We caught carp on trotlines-gum. Sometimes there are also good — grams for 300.

Once to our favorite spot, a car drove up. From it disembarked two serious (we could understand if only the number of fishing equipment) peasant and began to pump up your rubber boat. We looked at each other: that is, they say, they place a little? But the fact that it was not the only site with a gently sloping sandy beach — perfect spot for launching boats into the water.

The fishermen loaded the backpacks into the boat and sailed away. That’s just the bait they was a little strange, and we looked at them.

In principle, they discern native of Polotsk «Cascades», but slightly improved. Slim reinforced knee, large steel rings, carefully planted on a silk thread, and floats the size of a pigeon’s egg showed their Nekrasova character.

…Time passed, and somewhere around 16 started friendly crucian bites. Was fun, and we have forgotten about these fishermen. Momentarily distracted from his float, I noticed that the left the boat my rod bent into the water and remains in this position. «Hook» — defined one. There really was driftwood — often shipped from the donkey did not return. But then we found out it was not so…

By evening the men landed. Then the first time I saw a carp (that lies in store, it’s not a trophy, and the product). Prey to one of the fisherman was a real handsome carp to 3 200 (and the weigh-in was right on the shore). The second fisherman mirror carp caught on 2 600. Of course, sometimes a little more — say experienced carpatica. But imagine the contrast, which ran right into our boyish eyes by automatic comparatively large bronze backs of carps and crucians in our gardens…

Further, the process of normal, healthy — wanted to catch such a trophy. The more that guys got communicative, told what and how. They caught, as it turned out, the potatoes and peas, to lure the same. But that is not typical for carpatica, used feeders, and float fishing with long casts. Needless to say that the entire next day I spent copying what he saw gear. Rings made of Bicycle spokes… well, the point is not that. The pole is 4.2 m, the good old «Cascade-6», spinning reel with monolescu 0.2 mm, sliding sinker 25 grams, a large homemade float.

But the float is not quite normal (Fig. 1). The antenna fixed the foam disk with a diameter of about 50-60 mm., the Disk moves freely in the upper part, prevents its takeoff glued the foam ball. So, commit careful it bites the disc does not interfere, but as soon as efforts fish the float disappears under the water, the disc, has a decent drag, has the effect of samorodnitsky — like in the case of a hollow sinker. And to top it all gear — forged sharpened hook 10-th number according to the Russian classification.

The tackle was ready, and I slept before fishing very bad. Navarro the night of potatoes for the bait, chose 5 pieces of undercooked as a nozzle. But to our great disappointment, that the long-awaited departure turned out to be zero. However, as the second such outing for the carp, and the third…

But the more valuable later in the memory the date of the first meeting with my first carp. It happened only in the season after the events described.

I caught the same carp lake, only this time not on a donkey, and fishing rods. «Sandwich» of barley and of dung from time to time took the usual carp. And suddenly the fish cut. Thirty minutes, an hour and a half… Thought it was about the change, suddenly reigned the calm allowed to notice a careful bite. Here is the antenna of the float is raised, bent at 45 degrees, then returned to the original position after a fleeting pause, and the float disappears in the water, methodically pulling the line. Strike and feel instead of the usual Karasin fluttering powerful Dodge tackles in the direction of in the direction of depth. Line 0,2 rang out like a string. Fortunately, the stock of it on the spool was decent…

In General, after a battle, it is unclear how and why it ended in my favor, with trembling hands got to the shore without landing net!) almost five-pound carp. Such joyful shouts will not meet, perhaps even in films about the Indians…

That day I caught two carp from a kilogram to one and a half, and, as usual, the first was the biggest. Feelings that filled me in overcoming fourteen kilometers of road Cycling, and even in the deep twilight in a nutshell is expressed like this: «I’m a fisherman!!!»

Later had to catch carp in a small rural rates-the receivers of the fish, and in river oxbows, and in the intake channels of Novolukoml. But avid carpatica I did not become. Although never say «never».

I had to meet with a very enthusiastic, straight-wrapped carp fishermen. One of them is the neighbor in the garage Ivanovich — an old «Volga» devoid of all «bourgeois nonsense», except for the driver seat, and formed a spacious lounge sedately, with dignity are the rod, reel, feeders… so the people on the carp go!

Communication with experienced carpaticum gave many, including some of their invaluable experience. For example, the uncomplicated design of the strut under the rod (photo 1). Like anything special, but that’s what it is, all brilliant — easy! In the section of pipe is laid the butt of the rod, and the gear is securely fastened — do not pull (photo 2). And that rod was not turning with the wind, there is a special mini-blade on the end of the bar, which stuck in the ground (photo 3). This design saves space in the trunk, replacing the two regular flyer, and securely locks the rod. Or even the time.

We all know that carp — fish, if not bottom, at least near the bottom. But the line in the color of the bottom when fishing somehow mask a bit. Of course, you can buy a special dark line, but it will include a large percentage of coloring pigment, and hence the durability is poor. For carp choose manolescu, not the network, because the first has shock absorbing properties, which will come in handy in the output.

So, take a spool of new fishing line and put in a strong tea leaves, and then, without boiling, allow to settle for 2-3 hours. The result can have any shade of brown (depending on the time keeping) and fishing line is sealed (photo 4). Such, in General, known but forgotten, missed chances very much, and not for me to tell you about them. I will say one thing for sure: luck favors the strongest. Good luck to everyone and unforgettable fishing!

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