Fishing for carp the bait

For carp fishing use bloodworms, maggots or semolina, you can make a bait of oatmeal, chop it and add boiling water to the mash so that nothing sticks. As the fish smell goes, add the sunflower oil. When you go fishing, you need to prepare a few baits if the bite is not well for one, it is replaced by another. Bad weather has a negative effect on fishing, fish is at a depth of carp come ashore to bask in the sun in good weather.

In the spring you need to choose a dining time, when the water warms up and the carp come ashore. If carp is in the upper and middle waters, it is necessary to cast the line far away and then bring it to the place where the fish swims. When the float is beating on the water, the fish gets scared and moves away, then comes back, so you need to wait. When fishing on the rocks, throw the fishing line, no noise, so as not to spook the carp. This line needs to be fired, to take her second hand, swinging movements of the swing the rod and carefully put the float on the proposed location.

When using dough or monkey, to cast the line more often, as these materials quickly melted, and when fish hits the hook, they just fly off.

If you use worms, maggots or bloodworms, no such problems, it is possible to throw fishing line and wait for a long time. Periodically need to check is the hook on water plants and not tangled around the float.

If the bottom is heavily overgrown, and has many snags, but the depth must be done such that the hook was in the middle of the water or upstairs when no vegetation, you can lower it to the bottom.

For a successful fishing on the bottom hold a stick to pick up the dregs, and then throw in this place the line. Also in order to find food, a carp swims up to the algae and reeds.

When the float starts to jump, you need to wait until the fish is well hooked by the hook, and then podmotat fishing line. If she leads him to the side, you can hook in, pull sharply on the rod itself.

When the animals caught, the float goes under water or very loose. It does not need to lift the rod up and gently pull the fishing line so the fish doesn’t come off as she starts to twitch.

To carp drew attention to the bait, gently wiggle the line with your finger or pull the bait itself.


At a time when spawning, catch undesirable conduct, to give the opportunity to receive the new fry. In this period the fish is updated.

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