Fishing for carp on the «plate»

This method of carp fishing is also called «maquett», as derived from used bait – cake. Previously, this method of fishing was very popular because of the simplicity of manufacture of equipment in the home.

Used mainly on lakes or stretches of rivers with slow flow. Ideal pit depth of from 3?4 to 10 meters. The bottom should be kept clean so when you pull the plate, do not quibble over obstacles. The approach from the shore is also advisable to choose a net without grass and reeds.


This is an especially effective way of fishing in late autumn when the carp (carp) break into the pit before leaving for the winter. And in the spring during the period of active Zhora.


As an accessory use a thin rectangular lead plate size 40h70, the corners of which are drilled four holes for leashes. Another hole is drilled for a swivel in the middle of the narrow sides of the plate.

Leashes are made of thin silk cord in black, if the bait cake is used, or bright colors «for cereal». Big hooks, carp with a curved tip.


The lure can be of two types:

– dice cake size plate

– hard boiled millet (wheat) porridge with the addition of flour to viscosity. Already prepared porridge add a small amount of flavour and thoroughly kneaded.

The tackle is ready as follows:

• A lump of porridge is formed according to the size of the plate, neatly attached to her thin tape. Hooks fully recessed down the stem;

• Cubes of cake in the corners made small cuts to the forearm hooks, stinger hook recessed in the die. The cube is attached to the plate with a dark elastic band or a thin tape.

Important: when using as bait Kashi casting necessary to produce smooth motion so as not to disrupt her.

Fishing on the plate

After casting tooling rests on the bottom plate down. When you use meal snap can be up to three hours, and porridge about two, which is very convenient. However, if the catch is not in the pit, you often have to change the bait because she is «interested in» trinkets.

Usually the carp finds the bait and starts to suck on it, pulling at the same time for the silk cord that it doesn’t feel like a foreign body, fishhook. Then, as we know, carp throws garbage through the gills, so the bites are generally reliable, and seedlings are rare.

That’s all.

Good luck!!!

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