Fishing for carp on the peas

Hearing that catch carp on the pea, and quite successfully, many are perplexed and do not even try to do it. And for good reason.

Peas, like corn — one of the amazing and simple tips. It is not necessary to seek in the soil, the manure, on the banks of ponds or at night with a flashlight in hand under the trees. Pea seeds contain a lot of nutrients and spreading quite a strong smell to attract the fish, especially carp, bream and tench. Pea has been used as bait, and as nozzle.

Experienced fishermen use a whole or boiled peas. Some do of peas porridge, adding to it a variety of cereals. Are also produced pea protein balls. Why carp reacts to peas as bait? It’s simple: when the peas lying piles on the bottom, carp have been associated with snails. Therefore, without hesitation, carp to peas and swims. But first the fish have to learn new nozzle, to love her. And it takes time to fish studied green balls to understand that they are edible.

How to cook peas?

Method the first. First soak the peas, adding a little soda in the water. After the swelling of the peas, take a cloth bag and put the grain in there. The bag put in a container without touching the bottom. This is achievable only in case the pouch will be tied to the handles of the pan. Then a pan filled half with water from beneath it, tightly closed and put it on the stove. Check the readiness, gently pour out the liquid, pour it on the paper or cloth and leave to dry.

The second way. Take a thermos and fill it with peas. Add baking soda (a teaspoon) and a bit of linseed oil. Fill with boiling water. Leave the peas to steam. This is usually a few hours.

The third way water bath. Again, pre-soak pea seeds overnight. After that, it leans on the colander and put the colander into the saucepan where you need to be prepared just boiled water. Close everything tightly with a lid and allow the seeds to infuse. 5-10 minutes is the norm.

A little bit about the nuances in the selection of peas for carp fishing

Peas should be picked and not smooth. The finished peas should be soft but not to razdavlivanija if it a little squeeze. For the nozzle will only fit a solid peas. How to stick them on the hook you can easily guess. You can stick on the hook from a few peas, but all this requires great care. If you decide to feed peas, it is allowed to add cereals, e.g., barley, millet. There are times when the carp takes the bait and mixed bait. Fishing is not so bad and canned peas, especially because it requires no preliminary preparation. Its only drawback, it may be difficult to gain a foothold on the hook due to the fact that banks are often not holistic. If you eat only peas, no problem. To successfully cook it, it is necessary in the water to throw soda. As the nozzle peas are best from late summer to early autumn. He’s good for bottom fishing and float.

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