Fishing for carp on the cake

The most popular method of carp fishing in the Soviet times was considered a fishing cake. Today it is not deserved on the backburner because the market is just full of miscellaneous gear, lures and bait to fishermen-professionals despise fishing with «maculation» because it is not considered sporting. But a lot of fans to catch carp in his practice to use only this type of fishing, because it shows better results than fishing with the feeder a snap.

The most suitable time for carp fishing on the cake is the beginning of summer, when the fish is acting very active and quite a large number of time in search of food throughout the pond.

The choice of the location of fishing should be taken very seriously, otherwise to obtain the desired result unlikely. Should pay attention to the sector with a rich aquatic vegetation, to a depth of 2-4 meters. Be sure that the bottom was solid and not muddy, because tackle just bury the fish will not be able to reach her. Catching carp on maksatic can like night and day. One has only to consider the fact that fishing in this way is from the bottom, so in the daytime bite may be a little worse, because at that time the fish goes in the middle or upper layers of the water.

As in most cases when fishing for carp it is necessary for two or three days before fishing to overfeed the place of catching. Steamed cake, combined with cereals, corn grits or flour from peas are a great bait, which can be very quick to cook. In this case, the angler does not need to have any special skills. Just taken the broken cake lies in the container and pour boiling water. After she will bulk up, in the same container add any of the above ingredients, after which the whole mass mixed. Everything is ready. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

Tackle for fishing on the cake, as you may have guessed, is called makwati. Its design is very primitive and simple, but despite this, it allows you to seek out the very large specimens of fish. It consists of weights attached to 2-4 hook on the fishing line. Since, as already mentioned, fishing is done from the bottom, the sinker should be flat. On it rests the square piece of cake (it is better to buy at the bait shop, since producers are well pressed, and he is kept longer and does not limp in the water) and shove on the perimeter of the hooks, as if tying. The principle is this: what lies at the bottom of the bait becomes softer, it leaves a gorgeous smell, which attracts the carp. Fits fish, finds him and starts to suck the cake, along with hooks that cling to her deep in the womb. The angler needs only to drag it to shore and throw in the tank.


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