Fishing for carp on large waters

Naturally, to catch carp go where it very much. Some ponds, due to the large quantity of this fish, called krasivymi. This usually shallow water bodies which are abundantly overgrown with reeds, or reeds, and the main inhabitant of these waters is the crucian carp. But you live, there are not only carp, also there you can find roach, Rudd, perch. But the owner of the pond is carp. And fishing in such waters is always a very successful and simple.

Catching carp in large, deep reservoirs much more difficult. In places carp are just guests, but not owners, of their flocks consist of quite a few individuals, but they are larger than the smaller bets. Because the large pond, the carp is much smaller competitors, who can claim his food and habitats. Here carp are not suffering from hunger and becomes more Moody and cautious. Good bite on such reservoirs can only be before the onset of spawning. The rest of the time you need to work hard to outwit the carp.

Naturally, before thinking how to catch, you need to find the habitat of the carp. Where is the preference? Of course, reed or reeds. This is his most favorite places. You also need to pay attention to snags. Big carp are drawn to places where there is a sunken tree, underwater thickets. Also worth a look for the carp in the bays, the depth of which from one to two meters. However, at the bottom of these shallow places should not be filamentous algae. It is not clear why he does not like. It is possible that they did not allow him to dig in the mud, looking for food. If one day one of the promising locations were discovered carp, it is safe to say that in search of food he will occasionally look back.

When the place is chosen, it is advisable to placed so that the sun was to the side or rear. You also need to avoid the oncoming wind. Before you throw you need to choose two promising points in the reservoir. It is important that they were different. For example, one near the reeds, and the other near the snags. Of course, nobody forbids to choose from and dot, but attention in this case, you will need more. Next you need both points to feed. These points should not be too far apart, otherwise fail to catch here and there, not changing the place. This tactic allows you to cover more forgiving of the reservoir, which increases the chance to meet Karas. This tactic always brings a good catch.

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