Fishing for carp on lakes

The most popular catch in almost any pond – carp. This fish is very unpretentious — it is able to survive in almost any pond. However, most often this species occurs in lakes, as the main goal of novice fishermen.

Carp is a ray – finned representative of the carp family. This medium sized fish having a length of about 25-50 cm and weighs approximately 0.5 – 3 kg. At most, a carp eats aquatic vegetation, invertebrates, however, he is also not refuse. As for taste, it is worth noting the fact that carp – fish fisheries. She tastes good and she tassiana at the time.

So, decided to go for carp. This is best done in wetlands and low-lying water bodies (lakes and rivers). In the highlands carp find extremely difficult – it is not for its favorable conditions. Arriving at the lake, should be determined with tackle. It is best to use a ground rod, although the float rod and feeder also have a place on the shore. Fishing line for carp fishing suit any. However, it is best to use invisible transparent braided line or fishing line chameleon. Hooks should not be large, because the chosen target is not so big and strong, as it may seem. The most important stage of collecting fishing rods – lure. Carp can bite like a worm (which happens very often), and various trompe l’oeil, baits and homemade nozzles, corn, peas and bread. Of course, this happens less frequently.

Gear collected, it’s time casting. Aim to be in the centre of the small creeks. If you have sonar, it’s best to find small holes and depressions in the bottom topography – there is carp is almost uniquely. To increase the chances of a catch, you can use bait. Fit like a regular cereal or bread, and a professional mix (which, however, now not in doubt).

Like any other fish, the carp is good in the early morning and late evening. Worse in hot weather, when the sun is at its Zenith. If fishing is on a pay lake where carp are bred specially, the question of time and the weather plays a smaller role. The fact that the carp in these places caught consistently and fairly easy is the ideal training platform for beginners.

Caught fish can be fried or dry. One of the most popular dishes of the fish – cutlets. It is worth noting that the carp might be infected with silitherm (this fish is often found that the disease in polluted water bodies), luckily the latter is easily derived and is also easily detected for the catch.

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