Fishing for carp on corn

Among many fishing enthusiasts, fishing for carp on corn enjoys a great popularity. This fish loves corn and quite actively biting at her. Therefore, experienced anglers for a long time corn was included in the category of the most effective baits. It is often used in hair snap-ins instead of boilies. As well to catch carp on this bait and can be on conventional tackle, just spitted it over the hook. As a rule, on a hook baited with about 3 to 4 grains.

In specialized stores for fishing lovers there are so many varieties of flavored corn. For those who don’t like to break your head with tricks of fishing, you can buy this attachment and in an ordinary grocery store. But chickpeas need to consider a small caveat. Fishing for carp on corn , using a special installation on the hair, requires the mandatory quality selection of this bait. This is because in an ordinary Bank with corn, a portion of the grain will be or cut, or bruised. The bait is very likes to eat small fish, leaving empty hooks. Also for catching larger individuals need to have not only soft and whole grains, but larger. Large grains not only help catch big fish, but also makes the bait inaccessible to the little things.

Of course, it is possible to use conventional fine grain, but in this case the catching of a carp on corn may just turn into an endless mounting the bait on the hook. Therefore, targeted fishing You have to carefully sort out the Bank of corn in search of fresh and large beans. You can also prepare it yourself. It is quite simple. Just enough to boil. In order that the corn had the right scent, in the process of cooking, you must add the flavorings. As for sweetness, you can add a little honey.

In the process of carp to bait you need to add a small grain of corn. This is perfect early discarded, crumpled and small grains. Carp, in the excitement collecting small corn, will pick up the bait more strongly, which will greatly increase the number of caught individuals.

Fishing for carp on corn requires a lot of patience. At the first sign of a bite is not necessary to do cutting. Wait a little while carp swallow the bait properly. Then it is necessary to do cutting. To draw out this fish should be very carefully and slowly not to break tackles.


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