Fishing for carp night

The intense heat is forcing fishermen to revise the schedule of fishing. It is difficult these days and the inhabitants of reservoirs. Water temperature rises to very high levels. About fishing day don’t think, at least some of the catch may provide early morning, evening or night. Although carp and thermophilic, but even he in the days of the heatwave does not respond to the bait.

Many experienced fishermen have long been hunting carp night because of the heat in the summer there is no other way. And this fishing is not for a couple of hours, such as morning or evening. Duration is the most complete fishing, and during this period have time to test your lures and bait. Many anglers have realized all the advantages of night fishing, so I advise it.

After sunset, the carp go to coastal vegetation to eat. It is possible to hear the characteristic sounds.

The rod length should be such as to throw the spoon through the coastal thickets. To throw need right on the outskirts of vegetation, this is where you can wait for a good bite.

Rods with rings in this case is not the most effective.

Equipment must be deaf. To mount it you need to advance on motoviltse. And then there will be problems that may arise due to the use of the Bologna rods.

Equipment must be easy to float is not stuck in one place.

Weights to be distributed on the line correctly in order to throw as far as possible. To agregate float need small weights from the float to the hook at a distance of two inches.

Better to use store-bought bait. It should not be too much to carp are not overeaten. Cannot be added to the cooked cereal bait in warm water it will sour.

Experienced fishermen advised to do the semolina talker, they say that she is a very good show.

But to use the talker is possible only at night. After dawn the carp will not allow her to approach other fish.

And a few tips on night fishing for carp:

— From mid-July to arrive for a fishing trip must not later than 21 hours;

Before the 21 hours of fishing rods you can collect and mix the bait and place all the accessories;

— After 21:00 should start to feed the carp to the bait got him only;

— Not yet dark, you need to escape the branches, the bushes that night did not catch on;

— You need to buy a flashlight, mosquito repellent;

— Before sunrise we can safely catch, and the catch is nice.

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