Fishing for carp match tackle

Carp spawning begins in late may – early June, when the water temperature is + 18 – 20 degrees. Usually spawning takes place early in the morning and lasts ten to fifteen days, and if it is cold, the spawning may last for a longer period.

When fishing for carp, most anglers use feeder or plug tackle. When fishing with a float, when you have to do long-distance casting, you should consider the direction of the wind. To ensure a good bite, it is necessary that the nozzle was at the bottom still. When fishing for carp it is better to sit so that the wind at my back or side.

For catching the subtle snap of the rod should have a soft structure. The coil needs to be fast. When starting vehicle the rod should match the diameter of the main fishing line with a diameter of the leash, so he did not differ more than 0.02 mm

The float used is not large, with a lifting capacity of up to 3 grams. Bait can be either of vegetable or animal origin. The hook is selected depending on the size of the nozzle. To lure you need a small amount at a time.

If biting is not present, then in addition to the usual method of fishing, are used, and others. You can slowly drag the bait along the bottom. If with this method there is no bite, it is possible to reduce the depth so that the bait hung over the bottom.

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