Fishing for carp: key features and recommendations

The carp is a permanent resident in almost all freshwater reservoirs, large rivers, lakes or small bets. This fish is attracting considerable attention fishing enthusiasts for its large size. For example, it is possible to fish for carp, which weigh 45-50 pounds even.

More the carp prefers to be in the deep areas, where the distance between the two sides is wide. In addition, this fish prefers warm, clean water.

Due to the fact that carp is the fish that is able to absorb considerable amounts of food in connection with an insatiable appetite, it is sometimes the fishing is compared to the pig. Indeed, such an Association might give myself a varied diet of nutrients for carp. For example, it can eat not just what floats on the surface of the water, but also substances that are in the bottom soil at a depth of 15-20 meters!

Before you begin the process of carp fishing, the fishermen carefully lure him, knowing the appetite of this fish before eating! The most interesting thing is the fact that you will overfeed the carp virtually impossible, his appetite is amazing! However, in order to substantially reduce the required volumes of feed used, the bait composition fine. The spring is good to add if possible, chopped worm, as well as potatoes.

The most interesting method of catching this big fish is casting spinning, the direct use of springs. It involves the use of special feeders made of wire spring, which is attached to the end of the line. On a spring mesh 3-4 hooks. Thus, before actually throwing the rod into the pond, also on the spring baited with prepared bait early. The bait not only performs the function of bait for carp, however, still serves as a specific cargo, which allows the spring to easily sink to the bottom!

Also it is possible to carry out a good catch of carp using the method based on the use of oil cake. The main element for this is a piece of the pressed sunflower seed cake, which has a small rectangle of size 4 by 6 inches. Hiding hooks directly to the lure. Also, given the high proportion of pomace, must be attached to the fishing line lead weight. While fish can actively bite on this lure actually the whole season from spring to late autumn!

However, in addition to these methods of carp fishing in fishing practice, there are many more! The choice of method of fishing is based on «taste» and experience of the fisherman, whatever you like to make this craft! There is no specific one «recipe» when choosing the most optimal method of catching the fish.

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