Fishing for carp in the summer

Carp — fish is so well known among fishermen that some become avid carpaticum. And catch it can be almost around the globe.

Fishing for carp happens practical all year round, but the most effective time for carp fishing in the spring, when the ice melted away. At this time, the carp moving on the rocks among the bushes in search of food. During this period, young specimens make do with the detritus and greens. Large carp to add to this fry and small fish.

Some time after spawning, carp are not active and the bite cases are very rare. Carp rested with the warm water begins to bite all summer, and especially its active nibble at dawn. This giant comes out to feed at night on stranded and swims very close to shore, where fishermen can see his mighty back.

Early in the morning, carp again POPs up in your shelter «pit» in which to get it pretty hard. Even caught on the cord, but managed to swim away from the carp fisherman can reel the line on a submerged tree or other support. But even in this case there is no guarantee that he would survive, after all, held the line in one place carp dies. Western fishermen use hooks without barbs and is discharged tackle, because only in this case, the fish has the ability to survive. If carp is located at a fairly decent depth, and exits at a depth of five or six meters, the area of the bite can last all day, but it does not mean that a nibble here will be eternal…

Do not forget that looking for the place for carp fishing, you need to look for two seats — for day and night fishing. It is worth to mention that a big carp bite exclusively to nine o’clock in the morning just a rumor, because wisely tame place carp can be and day.

Parking lot carp can easily detect because going to feed the carp are released to the surface over their holes. Such places are found not only in the deepest areas of the reservoir, but almost always next to flooded trees. carp is a huge fan of snag places, from one species which the angler appears awful. Protrude piles, submerged trees, zabroshennoi stones at the bottom are the habitat of carp.

Summer tackle for carp fishingand it’s certainly float rod with bottom gear. Float rods typically cost indicate that this is the rod for carp fishing. On the line current has to be marked that it is suitable for carp fishing.

In June as bait bloodworm and worm, and when the heat gets to them also join all kinds of vegetable bits and maggot.


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