Fishing for carp in the spring

Spring fishing carp fishermen in late may, immediately after the ice melts from the surface waters. In the spring, the fish activity directly related to water temperature.

Fishing for carp in the spring takes place in two stages prior to spawning and after spawning. With the spring warm-water fish starts the game in the shallows, leaving the wintering grounds. Carp often chooses shallow water off the grass, and cane, because it is not overgrown with vegetation the ponds warm up faster. Catching carp in the spring in shallow waters to perform better away from the coast.

Spring fishing for carp from a boat is usually not effective, because in the spring the water is clear and fish are afraid to come close to the boat.

Water depth in the place of carp fishing in the spring should be no more than one meter. Fly fishing can be done using float or feeder tackle. Experienced fishermen often use both at the same time gear.

When choosing for the spring fishing for carp feeder tackle you need to use the feeder with as little weight to the fish are not scared. A place with a high probability of finding fish before fishing can feed.

Good food for the spring fishing for carp fishers believe the cake. This bait is different pungent odor that contributes to instant attract fish immediately after hitting the cake in the water.

Fishing for carp in the spring can be used and combined baits. Kneading such a bait, do not overdo it with the animal component to living near predatory fish are not scared by their presence carp.

When fishing for carp in the spring on waters where no predatory fish species, in combination baits can be used without much concern. Experienced fishermen do combined bait for catching carp in the spring from a mixture of bagasse, marsh mud and crackers.

Fishing For carp in the spring, you can apply various flavours – hemp and aniseed oil, vanillin and others. But add flavourings to the bait or the bait you need in a small amount, so as not to scare the timid fish.

The simplest way carp fishing in the spring is fishing for carp on the float rod. When assembling the tackle avid fishermen use lightweight, floats, and multiple hooks. These gear allow you to catch carp in the spring on several baits. To tackle were generally more sensitive, fishermen use a slip sinker.

When fishing for carp in the spring as bait for float fishing anglers using bloodworms, bread, dough, barley, worms. Experienced fishermen are always a lot of experimenting to determine the exact bait required to fish in a particular pond.

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