Fishing for carp in the spring on the float rod

Spring carp is very lazy behavior is not very well caught on a simple bait. To fishing was successful and the time spent on her time, not in vain, it is necessary to know and apply all sorts of tricks that will help you to return home with a good catch.

Features carp fishing in the spring

Catching carp on bait need to start once in the river will be muddy and dirty water, and the water temperature to rise a little. In different regions of our great country different climate, so in different places to catch carp should start from mid-spring, even until the end of April — beginning of may. If the spring weather came early, the carp becomes active at the end of April. If the winter was long and snow melted in late March, then fishing for carp can be started only by the end of spring.

Important role during the catching of fish in any body of water in which the water to catch carp. For example, the water warms up faster on rivers with small depths, in lakes and ponds the water will warm up much longer. In small reservoirs due to warm water fishing for carp starts much earlier

In the spring the carp usually lives in shallow water, especially near the shores in places of growth of reeds, algae, water lilies. Carp lives in places where visible water trees and shrubs. Water in places much warmer than at depth, as it is often at the bottom of the lake hit underwater keys. In shallow water the carp more opportunities to find their food.

Even if today the bite was good, it does not mean that the next day can be a good profit» in the same place, because in the spring, the fish swims very often, so you should not catch a few days in a row on one and the same place. Schools of fish are always active, constantly moving and are not a long time in the same place. So they move on the water in search of food. Thus, even if the angler caught a lot of fish in one place, this does not mean that tomorrow the same place will bite well. Sometimes you can see this situation on the pond, when two fishermen are at a small distance from each other, but one of them does not have time to figure out how to bait the hook, and yet not one bite. This could all change in a few minutes when a flock of goldfish to move to another place.

Float rod and its equipment for carp fishing

Float rod is no different from rods for fishing for other species of river fish. Fishing rods can be centrifugal and match. Poles has the form all will remember from childhood. It looks like the rod on a thin end of which is attached a fishing line attached to the float, sinker and, of course, the hook. Each candle has a thickness. Looking from the pond and type of dwelling in her fish, every fisherman chooses the thickness and strength of the line. When fishing for carp not sure that will bite only one carp in the water other fish of different sizes, which can also become interested and the hook. Also, each fisherman chooses a float, its shape and color that will be pleasing to the eye of the fisherman and will be more visible. Currently, you can find a huge range of fishing rods, and various devices that can be installed on the fishing rod. To configure the equipment necessary so that the bait together with the hook and sinker was at the bottom of the reservoir, and the float was on the surface of the water. If the float is in a vertical position relative to the water level and swim in the pond — this means that the depth is correctly configured. If the float lies in the water — it is necessary to reduce the depth, that is, to move the float closer to the sinker. When the float is in the «working» state, the angler easier to find and not to miss a single bite. Modern technology is not standing still and even on the rod tip come up with a variety of adaptations for catching fish. Recently, in addition to the centrifugal fishing rods in stores you can buy and install rubber dampers that are very sensitive and serve to prevent open circuit during the hooking of fish, as the leash has a very large load. To continue to throw a match on the rod install the coil with the thin line. Use this rod with the snap-in should be applied to waters where very little vegetation.

Techniques for catching carp in the spring

If the angler wants to catch a good and rich catch, thus, spending time fishing as productively as possible, it is necessary to feed the fish. Can lure in the evening, it is better to lure fish to the fishing for 1 — 1.5 hours. Fishermen use different types of bait on the basis of the pond fish that it breeds. As for carp fishing used fly tackle throw for short distances. Therefore, the bait should be scattered in the place where he will be fishing. As feeding the fishermen use a cooked porridge made from oats, corn and semolina. Bait crumple in his hands until small balls, and throw small portions. Bait you need to use during the entire fishing trip. It is also necessary not to overdo it with the casting of bait that the fish are not distracted from the main bait on the hook. While fishing we need to control the position of the float. If the float was sunaryati in depth, or once emerged, lay on the water, and swam to the side — this means that the fish has taken the bait. You must immediately withdraw the bait from the snags and grass, then gently bring the fish to shore. You can hook in the fish, but it should be done carefully and only when the angler is sure that the fish is hooked. Not necessary to enjoy the fish caught until pulled her to shore as she can get off the hook at the last moment, and then it will be doubly hurt.

What attachment is better to use a hook with a float rod when fishing for carp

When fishing for carp used baits and bits of animal and vegetable origin. The choice of bait should be picked up of what is the temperature of the water in the pond. In cold water the fish will respond better to worms, maggots, that is the bait of animal origin. When the water in the reservoir warms up, the carp are beginning to bite on the bait of a vegetable origin. Can home to prepare the dough of different cereals — choice of corn, pea and Mann. During the dough-it adds a little refined oil and other additives to add flavor. This type of nozzle like a worm suitable for catching any fish. But not necessarily cooked on the nozzle will bite only carp, as in any body of water is found and other fish. Small fish may continue to interfere with the Karasino bite, attacking the nozzle. Some anglers in addition to the bait and the nozzle using a fragrant liquid with a smell of vanilla, hemp and others. Recently, very often there are cases when fishermen attach the bait, the smell, using scented vanilla means from mosquitoes and midges. Fish is very sensitive to the smell and to actively Express an interest. It is also good fishermen themselves: one means, a double benefit — helps against pesky mosquitoes and great for bait.

On the bottom carp will attract a certain flavor. In this case, a lot of feeding, and everyone chooses.

For a successful catch, fishermen have to find the right fishing spot and the bait and feeding.

Video of carp fishing in the spring for the bait

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