Fishing for carp in the spring and summer

Fishing for carp on the float rod is very popular in Soligorsk fishermen. Begin to catch in the spring before spawning, usually in April. If the spring is warm, the carp are very active in shallow water, these are a lot of places around the perimeter of the reservoir. And then the fisherman to yawn, not worth it. Carp at this time is not joking. Takes dramatically, and the float after a couple of shake down or sideways, or falls.

Carp are caught here, actually, everywhere, but there is a special place where it’s better suited to the shore on warm days. It is mainly parts of the coast from the city, overgrown with reeds, and right in the city, except a city beach and children’s Playground. The best places for fishing carp, with my (and other fishers) point of view, are: district village center district «gerbil», district and dispensary Ustinovoj slides, the area from pumping in Kovaleva Vine to the road bridge and in the collective garden, then — on both sides of the road near the village of SIL’tse, along the turn at the entrance to the village Cemetery on the right, including reed island road bridge in the village Cemetery on the left. A lot karasinym places on the other side of the reservoir near the old mill and the old cemetery.

The main bait for carp fishing, many have shitworm-sailor. Depending on the weather, water temperature, and other factors carp caught on motylja, oparysha, on their «sandwich», and also on barley.

For the extraction of the worm we have our own the most beautiful places. This sewage treatment in the village Dubai or on the adjoining pastoral farms. Also in some years take the worm right on the shore of the reservoir in a bunch of old cane, but that there is little hope, therefore, usually stocking them in advance.

The easiest, if most lazy to dig worms, to go to the store and buy. Well, in this respect, we have all right. There are 3 fishing store, where almost always there is a worm, maggot, bloodworm, caddis worm, and bait fish (roach, carp).

Bait in the spring I use rarely. This summer, when the biting of a crucian very careful, it is necessary to overfeed advance. In summer, swim and boat in the reeds, cut a 3-4 window in different places, throw back bait and 20-30 minutes in order to begin the harvest of cut out Windows.

From my point of view, the fish like worms add grated garlic. Usually, worms are divided into two jars: one add the garlic, the other not. Then look he prefers better today.

It is necessary to tell and about the gear for catching carp. Carp – fish picky. And for his detention at this time does not need a very sensitive tackle. I use a regular telescopic fishing rod with metal reel. Main line — 0,2-0,25, leash — 0,12-0,15, sliding or fixed float. Sliding float, from my point of view better. It allows you to precisely throw the bait out the window, especially when the wind and when caught in the reeds. Floats — huge selection at any store, but for carp I use homemade. Of foam plastic or wine corks cut the buoy, pick up the phone under Lollipop or an empty rod from a ball pen, paint as required, and the float is ready.

I always carry 2 rods: one with a float, the second — kucova with a jig.

So all the gear ready — it’s time for carp. Choose a place in shallow water with the liquid cane.

Put on a hook of a worm, not forgetting to spit on it 3 times (at the old fishing habit), and throw. Now all the attention is on the float. Sometimes merely turned her head away for a second to the side, back, and float is not. My hand automatically raises the rod, and feel like on the other end of the line already spotted and he sits — carp. Slowly, slowly, taking him from the reed to the surface of the water, instantly estimate the weight, and the brain instructs the hands to lift it from the water or to draw out on the surface to the shore. And finally, the carp is already in your hands. Throw it in the tank, which is at hand. In this case, everything should be in its place. Nasazhivajut on a hook a new worm, and again cast. When the weather bites

follow one another. Carp happens, mainly, for 250-400 g. Sometimes I managed to catch a fish from 500 g to 1 kg

When the bobber bite fades, and I nod. Charge on a jig worm, carefully drop it into the middle in a small box among the reeds. The bait is lowered to the bottom. As soon as he felt the bottom, slowly begin to raise the worm, slightly shaking the rod tip. The nod performs small oscillations from top to bottom. If carp is in sight of a worm bite a long wait will not keep. Karas attacks instantly. A nod or bend in the string down, or straightens up, should the sweeps — and you dragged him out of his element up. To catch a nod is necessary to be adjusted seriously. It does not float when thrown and sit, waiting for the fish to bite. When fishing with a nod you’re constantly in work. But the area of «attack» is all the reeds where you can reach. It is also noticed that at achievement of certain skills, in this case the catch on the nod almost always greater than, for example, 3 float rods at the same time. And the carp on the nod more takes. Here it is necessary to choose one of two: or you can just sit and watch the floats, or are you actively normalise and exploit the coastal reeds. Interesting one and the other catching methods.

In any case, fishing for carp is a very interesting activity which brings joy to many fans of fishing, including me.

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