Fishing for carp in the pond with rich aquatic vegetation

Carp, as a very common fish in our waters lives in different conditions. It can be found in fast-flowing and stagnant water. But he prefers the slow or standing water with plenty of aquatic vegetation where it hides and where it feeds. Sometimes this vegetation is distributed on the territory of the dam so much that it hasn’t seen clean water and fishing becomes difficult or impossible. If the reeds or cattail has grown very strongly and the water remained only the «window» with dimensions of several meters to extract from this «window» the big fish is unlikely, as it will tighten the gear into the Bush and there it get confused. How to catch fish in such conditions?

There are several ways out of this situation. You can try to lure the fish out of its hiding place. Do it best fragrant baits and lures. The tackle you need to throw close to the wall of reeds or cattail. In the fall, when the fish will put on weight before hibernation this way you can quite successfully catch carp. In the summer, when the vegetation is still quite young and carp actively eat, the impact of this fishing below.

The second option practiced for a long time and was described even by Sabaneev in detail. On the surface of the water throw pieces of bread or crackers. Carp, this food will start to collect from the surface, making a distinctive thud sounds. To see and hear feeding carp can from afar. For fishing use, the strongest available in the Arsenal of fishing-rods and thick line, because the fish will have to pull out of the water as quickly as possible, so as not to let her go into the bushes. To draw out fish for a long time it will not be possible, therefore, we must quickly and decisively to get her out of the water. In the stories Sabaneev fishing just returned to the reservoir back, put the rod of hazel to her shoulder and quickly retreated from the water.

Hook nagisetty a piece of bread. Tackle consists of rods and fishing line with a hook. As can throw a rod in there hand, taking in the hand a lump of bread to a hook inside. Control of the bite is carried out visually, without the use of float. With such fishing need to exercise extreme caution and silence. Large carp are very careful fish and a loud sound can scare the fish. When fish will start to collect the floating pieces of bread, the main thing – not to miss the moment for sweeps. After hooking a fish pulled from the water as quickly as possible, so she was not able to go into the Bush. At a certain skill such fishing can be very productive. Also, this method of fishing is very sporting, since it makes all the time to be alert and not to sit in the shade of an umbrella on the chair and wait for the sound of the alarm bite.

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