Fishing for carp in the lilies

Summer months – a time when people traditionally fish. One of the exciting types of fishing – fishing for carp in the lilies.

To fishing was successful and entertaining, you must fulfill several conditions. First of all, you need to choose the lake or pond where carp. And the more the pond is overgrown with grass, water flowers, Mace, the better.

Now you need to watch for the places where the carp outputs the location at the time of feeding. When failed to detect such places, consider half the job done, but if not, it’s not a problem. Look for places where the feeding carp. It can be near the reeds or education in water lilies. Such places must select at least seven or even nine, and preferably not closer than fifty meters from each other, floating on a boat, they need to fix the easy marks.

The next important stage is the preparation for the fishing, it is necessary to conduct feeding. The composition of the feeding may be the most diverse. Classic dressing is prepared as follows: boil half a bucket of sliced potatoes in the container is poured boiling water feed, the same procedure is done for corn and wheat, add a few pounds of sunflower meal. After cooling all together mixed and the dressing is ready, stays during the week, early in the morning to get her prepared place to carp used to place a permanent feeding.

You need to choose a strong tackle. Best suited rod reinforced fiberglass telescopic with a fairly thick and fasten end, and a length of five meters.

The coil is optional, but fishing line should be durable and matched in color of the water, the classic hook with a long forearm and straight sharp sting. Tackle for carp fishing ready.

An hour before dawn on the boat to separate the ground bait and about an hour to wait, when carp and begin the course. When the carp came to feed, it is noticeable air bubbles on water, rise from the bottom, the stir of the grass, then you can cast a fishing rod with bait, a piece of potato the same taste as the bait, and wait patiently for the bite. Fish are actively feeding, usually do not miss the bait. The jerk fish is sometimes so strong that it is necessary to apply a force to hold the rod. After the bite, you must quickly lift the fish from the bottom, so that it is not tangled in the water lilies, and not gone off the hook. Of course, this creates noise and therefore it is necessary to cross to another prepared location.

This method of fishing, of course, requires time and perseverance, but sometimes rewards the fisherman with such emotion and adrenaline, other ways of fishing do not go in any comparison.

A good bite!

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