Fishing for carp in the autumn

Late autumn is the best time for catching carp. Arriving at the pond, the first step is to choose the site of the future fishing. This can be done on some factors. For example, the bottom should be sandy or clay, at worst, come down and rocky. Depth should not exceed 3 meters. If the water in the reservoir warm – a good catch is guaranteed. Going fishing for carp in the autumn, should not be limited to one net, and to bring bagorik. A great tackle can be a spinning or conventional float rod. Link rod must be very durable. As the main fishing line is best to use the braided line diameter of 0.2 mm May be out of line with a diameter of 0.5 mm Hooks is better to take large items No. 5-9 at the domestic numbering. Slightly above the hook needed to attach the feeder with a pre-prepared bait, creates to attract fish slime. Carp this stuff just loves. Most importantly, before lowering the gear to put on the sting of a small foam ball. This is necessary in order to raise from the bottom of the bait. The carp’s lower lip cocked upwards, so it would be difficult to take the bait from the bottom. Leash for fishing for carp in the fall always use more thin the basic scaffold. Secured with a swivel. And, until the swivel is attached to the trough, and at 30 cm above the sinker is placed, which is to trough a kind of stopper.

For catching carp in the fall are advised to choose a transparent float. Conventional carp floats, as a rule, only scare him. The depth should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the reservoir, because it happens that carp feed no deeper than 15 cm from the surface. If the selected pond a lot of floating sticks, kamyshino and other debris, it is possible to select a float made of balsa, that is, from the dry sticks of a cane. But there is one important feature. A float-stick should not stand upright! The fish will be alerted to the fact that absolutely all of the reed and twigs floating on the surface horizontally, and our signaller of bite differs from them. Therefore, the float must be secured so that it is in the horizontal position.

Bait for catching carp in the fall just need. Moreover, you can use absolutely any, the main thing that it was more bran, hemp, and crackers. Bait works best when its particles are easily lifted from the bottom at the slightest vibrations of water. Carp will dig the silt and take the bait from the bottom. It can grasp only that is located a few inches from the bottom. The process is important to the bait. Experienced fishermen suggest to lure carp as carp or Amur river lot at once, but only once.

As a nozzle for catching carp in the fall , you can use the bread crumb and cooked and canned peas and corn. Of baits perfect «sandwich» of small maggots and bloodworms, or small fish-bait.

Catching carp is better in warm calm weather on the borders of riparian vegetation and water holes. In such a situation, it is possible to notice even a faint cautious bite. Cutting is done very quickly, after which the fisherman starts the fight with a strong fish that can easily break a tackle near the coast.

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