Fishing for carp in techno-plankton

Before, even in recent times, the particular the fishing of silver carp was considered impossible. All this happened because of the feeding habits of this fish. For this reason, targeted fishing for carp, with the usual for all different equipment, was to no avail. At the present time the situation has changed with the advent of such gadgets as techno-plankton. Earlier this type of angling was unknown, but now with this gear, more and more fishermen are put forward specifically for carp, and return with such fishing without a significant catch is almost impossible.

He techno-plankton has the appearance of compressed powder in a pill-briquettes. This tablet is mounted on a special rig, and then bait is thrown in the water and the tablet dissolves in water, creating a cloud under water. Due to this, carp to bait with ease, thinking that this cloud is biological natural plankton. The content of dissolved tablets provokes in carp strong appetite, for this reason, it is kept in the cloud and that takes the bait. Different flavors, for catching such fish, it was a large amount of, all of it to please the preferences of the fish in different waters.

Installation for the techno-plankton can be bought in any fishing store there, and he techno-plankton. Such a set is called «killer carp» it and attach a new, specially designed for catching carp, bait. Also there is some little thing when fishing for such fish as the carp doesn’t feed from the bottom like carp hook is to attach a few small balls of foam, so the hook is raised above the bottom.

The fishing-rod for catching of such fish is to choose about three meters, and that it had been hard and strong. All this in order that we could adequately confront the really big, strong and hardy fish. Carp reaching even small three to four pounds capable of desperate and very cheerful to deal even with experienced fishermen. It is also necessary to have a small hook, as leaving the gear the fishermen of this brisk fish occurs quite often.

What other features of such fishing is no different. Plankton limp about two hours under water and all the time you need to be on the alert, because this type of fish once gets the hook gets very busy.

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