Fishing for carp in small ponds

In the spring, when rivers overflow, carp come in search of warmer and more food rich water in flooded floodplains and when the water begins to subside, remain in the recesses of the relief, and often in large quantity.

Early in the season when the water is completely gone, the fish can be easily caught on the dung of the worm. It’s best when the nozzle is fresh, medium size.

Closer to the fall it is useful to have with you, and plant tips. However, carp and autumn are biting well on worm.

The bait is best to use a length of 5-6m, with blind tooling, tough enough and durable, as I often have to literally tear out the large carp from the grass. Long it needs to be in order to be able to sit on the solid shore, not in the swamp, and if necessary to throw tackle in the middle.

Fishing line also will need with a fair margin of safety. It is better if it will be 0.2 mm.

Depth in inundated reservoirs rarely exceeds 1.5 meters, it often happens about 1 meter, the bottom in such places is very viscous, often divorced from the shores of the peat «Islands» covered with sedge. Because of the low depth in the early summer after the recession of the water, all the space bodies of water overgrown, and therefore it is necessary to determine in advance the point of fishing.

It is best to fish at the coast, the torn off pieces of peat soil. Such places are easy to detect they are usually wedged into the coastline, there is no grass, and the bottom is smooth, deep and harder than around.

If the bite is missing or bad, you have to lure the carp.

Often carp are caught from the bottom, and the bite looks like the rise of the float. If the bite is good, the float rises, falls, then goes away, gradually sinking. The time of trip depends not only on the activity of carp, but from the nozzle. If fishing occurs on plant tips, you should be hooking a bit earlier.

Very good fish can be expected in the place where the lake empties into the Creek (better if at the beginning and at the end of the summer the water is warm and cool in the heat). Running water is saturated with oxygen and carries with it a variety of food, besides it is usually much cleaner.

On hot days (especially in light winds) and when talnikova falls down, the fish rises and floats at the water surface. At this time, the bite can be expected only early in the morning and sometimes in the evening. Day, too it is possible to fish, but usually when fishing with a small descent bite no matter, and carp can sometimes be too small.

But hunt carp can and in adverse conditions. It is necessary to make a small descent, then to throw and to pull the line, then stop. Surfaced during the pause, the nozzle is sinking, and after her sinking carp, and bites occur at depth. In this fishing the main thing – to feed the fish, not scaring away, as are the surface carp very careful.

Fishing in small ponds has several advantages. Even without a boat you can always throw the bait to the Parking lot of fish. Carp are usually caught with varying intensity throughout the day ( with small breaks) and even when large bodies of water is completely calm.

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