Fishing for carp in September

Carp is a wild river a fellow of the cultivated carp. Fishing for carp in September holds a special place among the of catching different species of fish. Carp are very cunning and cautious, even in comparison with the carp. This fish can grow to a considerable size and strength greatly surpasses its closest relative the same weight. This is due primarily to the fact that carp does not grow in quiet ponds and lakes, and in rivers. In the river, as a rule, the aft mode is much more difficult because of currents, so carp is practically one solid muscles. When bites these muscles will be hard to resist, breaking tackles.

Where can I find carp in September?

In September, the carp prefers to stay in rivers and near major wintering holes. However, in these holes it will go a little later, closer to the ice, and then totally stop believing. Very popular with carp are river stretches which are located under the cliffs, which is a forest. Moreover, it is better to have a few trees were already in the water.

The greater part of the coast will be littered with fallen trees, and the closer it will be a deep pit, the more chances of catching carp in September. A big plus is the presence of sandy or clay bottom with a colony of snails and a layer of mud. Eddies and backwaters attract the attention of carp in the summer, until September, its routes are undergoing strong changes in the direction of contraction, so he won’t be able to go far from the deep channel.

Special pleasure is considered to be fishing the September carp in a continuous blockage of trees and snags. You can also try to fish from the boat, standing over the bed or on the channel side, and to catch closer to the shore near fallen trees. Thus it is necessary to be extremely careful, as cautious carp can see the falls from the boat shadow, or to detect coming from the bottom rope. Therefore, for reasons of camouflage, to catch carp from shore, nestled under a cliff, it will still be much more efficient. Of course, it is not easy to maneuver a fishing rod, looking for big carps among snags and trees. Be sure to be breakdowns, but even if a few steps have caught at least one carp, you will get unforgettable impressions.

Tackle and bait

Essential tools for catching carp in September are powerful float rod with carrying rings and a coil, and the bottom feeder, collected on the basis of spinning. In any case catch it is necessary to conduct as close to the flooded trees in such places, the carp will behave much bolder. Bait is best to use animal origin: worms, mussels, snails. However, some plant tips also do not lose their relevance: boiled corn, barley porridge, peas. The main difficulty in the choice of gear is in the correct balancing of strength and stealth of the line. Carp has excellent vision, so the fishing line is too thick or the wrong color aquatic environment, can alert the fish, and bites can not wait. But if fishing line is very thin, the cliff you can not avoid even a medium-sized carp. So your choice should be stopped on a rather inconspicuous, but high-quality gear.


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