Fishing for carp in October

Carp – domesticated form of carp, which breed in our ponds. There are several species of carp: mirror, flake, etc. Is a thermophilic fish, mainly involved in the southern regions of Russia. Carp unpretentious in food, for breeding used even unsightly career. The fish weight by the end of the second year is 600-800g. And the largest specimens can reach up to 12-15 kg of mainly carp prefer to stay in the water the Bush.

Caught this fish in summer, mostly floats, and the market, is no exception and the catching of a carp in October. With the onset of autumn and the fish starts to feed, especially in calm, warm days. The colder it gets outside, the worse the bite occurs, Karp shifts in wintering holes. Fish have almost no picks at the pond. Now the fishermen have to search for these wintering holes. And the lure should hit just at the right place at the right time, that is when the fish feed on leaves.

Preference is given to a running vehicle that allows you to apply a thin line (fluorocarbon) and over longer distances to deliver the nozzle, which is especially important when fishing from the shore. Tackle choose the magnitude of the expected production. If the fish is small, up to 2 kg and the soft structure of the fishing rod, fishing line with a diameter of about 0.3 mm.

To fishing was more successful – the necessary bait all fishing locations. Bait mainly consume vegetarian: millet porridge, boiled potatoes, corn. Moreover, the unambiguous Council – which one is better can not be. At each reservoir or lake in carp your taste. But it should be remembered that fishing for carp in October provides for the nozzle of animal origin. This can be a bundle of normal earthworms.

Currently for carp fishing also used feeder is the rod with the feeder. All the gear is strong because the carp fish is decent, to pull it out, it is necessary to have special power and strength of the gear. Usually take a match rod, as he’s got a sensitive tip. The rod’s length is 2,5-3 meters allows you to throw the trough for a distance of 100 meters. Also considered an indispensable carp reels and alarms bites on the electronics. The most popular fishing line diametrom0,3-0,35 mm.

To successfully catch carp in October, you need to prepare boilie hooks are round balls made from flour with the addition of various flavors. About this nozzle is much written in the literature, but each angler has his own recipe of cooking. Only we must remember that the boilie without the smell is a toothless nozzles and they are neither good nor bad. And despite the huge diversity of modern carp montages, it is advisable never to throw away the feeder. Only feeder with a leash will help you to catch a real trophy.

Pond carp spend a lot of time in the reeds, before sunrise, they are much more willing to take the bait. Biting in the evening is impermanent, is mainly small carp. For carp fishing in October is best suited is the pit, where the wintering fish. These places usually have decent depth and weak currents. Although carp is thermophilic fish, but is caught almost all year round, and continues to lead an active lifestyle. This fish feeds on animal bits, fish fry. This means that you can catch her not only through the autumn, but all winter.

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