Fishing for carp in may

The spring in the yard. Looking forward to the onset of the may days fishermen to hunt carp. In may, when water is intensively heated in the sun, the carp begins the most active period of awakening. He rushes around the pond in search of food. When the water temperature is about 14 degrees this fish begins hunger, and that means good bite for the fishermen is provided. Catching carp is better on a hook No. 5 and No. 6. Taking a ground rod or a rod with a float, a fisherman will bring feeding fish. Bait for carp can serve as a well-boiled barley; oat flakes, steamed with boiling water or just soaked bread. Adding to this mixture a drop or two of vanilla, You will significantly improve its «exciting» quality for carp fishing. As the nozzle on the hook, you must bring worms or maggots. Breadcrumbs can also provide good service as a nozzle for carp, and if you have the opportunity to throw bread with honey, a great catch is guaranteed. Young frisky carp take the nozzle firmly, without caution. Major representatives of the «Karasin family» ‘ bait approach with caution. For them the best food bait on the hook will serve as a subtle but a worm. The main condition of successful fishing in may right choice places. The water is heated unevenly and, therefore, carp is looking for places warmer, closer to the shoreline, the shallows. He loves to bask in the spring sunshine, so it comes to open spaces, where can I get it is easier than in the shade and coolness. Until the end of may, when the bulk of the carp spawn and the water is warm enough, the fish starts to «hide» in the shade or in the algae. If fishing selected location between the water-thickets, it is necessary to bring the float rod. And to be prepared for sudden movements of carp into the depth — rod with two hooks. Hooks should be placed one above the other, that is, one above, one below. Such fastening hooks gives you the opportunity to catch carp in two levels. If the bite at the same depth is deteriorating, you just need to change the height of both mounting hooks and continue fishing. Fishing on the float rod has its own characteristics. If the float is made of goose feather, it more sensitive and at the slightest bite starts to sink. If the float is heavier, at the moment of take it slowly oscillates over the surface. Then starts a sharp movement. It is necessary not to miss this moment — with care to strike the fish at the moment of active motion of the float. Sharply pull carp from water is not recommended — he is said to fishermen, «weak on the lips». Careful cutting and angling — the key to successful fishing. For catching carp in the pond in a clean place where there is no aquatic vegetation, a ground appropriate to use. In General, in relation to such fish as carp, it is better to test both the rod and the ground rod any place where it is decided to go fishing. Particularly successful fishing is in quiet warm and windless weather. But it is possible a good catch and when the light ripples, more importantly, to the sun warmed. In may, the best time for carp caught on a hook is much more likely, it’s a warm Sunny day. In the days when the sun is shining brighter, carp to fish better in places where it is to feed, not playing on the surface. Very good to fish before the storm — carp are biting, as if someone adjusts. Summer is the best time for carp is early morning. On the morning dawn, this fish loves to eat the bait much better than in the evening. From the beginning to the middle of may fishing for carp depends on the vagaries of the spring weather as the carp form a pack. Begins preparation for spawning. Swept aside caviar our fish and again walks on water expanses. So after spawning, anglers should not be discouraged. There is still a week or two, when the carp will happily swallow any bait, having pleased another good catch.

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