Fishing for carp in March

Spring in most parts of Russia, the waters slowly begin to break free from the ice prison. Fishermen look forward to the end of the ice to begin fishing. Many people want to go fishing for carp. In March the water is warming up well enough even 7 degrees and the carp begins to feed actively. Carp small and medium sizes, as a rule, moves in large flocks. When the weather is calm, its location can be identified by the bubbles that from time to time appear on the surface of the water. While large specimens prefer to swim alone. But sometimes they gather in small groups of 3-4 individuals. In March at the ponds to look for carp to a depth of about 1-2,5 meters, and better where there are reeds. Special attention should be paid to areas where almost no currents, and the bottom has uneven terrain with hills and sudden changes in depth. Karp likes to wander in such places.

The carp activity is greatly influenced by weather conditions, especially atmospheric pressure. The fishermen noticed that in Sunny weather, at a high enough atmospheric pressure the carp bite is very active and is best early in the morning. And if you fish there quite a lot of carp, bite follow one another. When the pressure decreases, the carp goes into greater depth and the bite almost stopped.

Carp – fish is cautious and cunning, and the water in March is still quite transparent. So near the pond need to be quiet, be quiet, not to do sharp movements, to wear clothes of pale colors and be sure to watch the sun. If the sun is behind you, it is likely that the catch you can not wait. The sun must be in front of you.

Tackles also need to pay special attention. The carp is a strong fish, so it is better to take a more powerful rod and put on it the spinning reels. Line the main at least 0.3 mm, leash – 0.2 mm. in the Spring, particularly in March, do not use a colored line, it frightens the fish, use only colorless.

The bait can be used in two main ways: with float or without it. If the weather is clear, Sunny, the best option would be the rod without a float.

On the main line, to its end is attached a sliding cargo-olive, carbines, and it attaches a leash length of 40-80 cm with a single hook No. 5 — No. 8, depending on the nozzle and the anticipated size of the carp. In cloudy days is more appropriate rod with a float, where the main load is attached at the bottom of the float, and the bottom set small weight of 0.4-0.7 m, the leash from 0.5 to 1 m. When such gear is good to use a little trick. To make a throw, wait for the sinker to descend and the rod tip slightly to pull the tackle to the shore. In this case, the leash stretches and repels less cautious carp.

As bait you can use caddis, bloodworms, Nightcrawlers, worms, dung and meat shells. But the greatest «delicacy» for carp in March, will be dragonfly larvae.

For bait use finely chopped red worms, add some cake (cake) and is mixed with coastal soil. Good results are obtained when using a mixture consisting of Hercules (oatmeal) mixed with maggots, bloodworms, cornmeal and oatmeal. One of the best baits in pre-moistened feed add crushed larvae of dragonflies and shells.

In March, the biting of a carp quite energetic. The fish can pull the float to the side and drown him. But if the tackle without a float, then gently tilt the tip of the fishing rod. There are other bites when the float first begins to «dance» and then goes to the side.

After hooking the carp begins to violently resist, and gently pull out, need some experience and patience.

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