Fishing for carp in late autumn

Anglers that once in my life have felt out decent Carp, I think the fishing is this fish one of the most fascinating. Think, will agree with almost every fisherman. And with the right approach to catching carp, success can be achieved in almost any season, except winter.

Inexperienced anglers say that starting with the first frost, the carp activity is greatly reduced. And the closer to the ice, the chances of catching any without the carp are close to zero. Therefore, to make efforts, and leave to freeze on the river or lake trying to catch him, not worth it. But this opinion is, to put it mildly, incorrect. Experienced professionals in the fishing business, they say that the chances are quite high. Some even believe that the most exciting fishing of carp is only in late autumn, almost in front of the ice of rivers and lakes. This time of year for fishing is necessary to use only the bottom gear. With the donkey You will be able to deliver the bait in the places where there is carp.

Knowledgeable fishermen say that even if the night was a little freezing, but by mid-day the temperature rises to the plus level, You can collect gear and go to the pond, it is hoping to catch decent copies.

And some even get pleasure not only from direct sly carp, and because of the incredible feeling that this is the final fishing this season, after which, they will look forward to a new spring season of fishing.

But still, let’s look at the most important aspects of carp fishing in the late autumn. Of course, one of the main tasks that need to be addressed on fishing, it is the right choice. Is no exception and autumn fishing. If the pond is familiar, then consider that the problem is almost solved. Where pretty well caught carp in the summer, perfect for fall fishing. If You decide at the last fishing trips to try new, hitherto unknown places, it is necessary to give preference to large and medium-sized reservoirs. It is desirable that they had sudden changes of bottom topography. So in places, in autumn time, formed a local concentration of medium and large carp. Which of course, greatly increases Your chances of successful fishing.

You also need to pay special attention to tackle. Because in autumn the water, usually the water is very clear, and therefore tackle needs to be as disguised. This is especially true of fishing line and other parts of the donkey, which are directly in the water. Fishing line should be the minimum diameter but maximum for carp, exposure of the goods. Also need rear cargo that will best push Your line to the bottom. The cord for the transaction must be thin and soft, enabling it to the maximum to lie on the bottom of the reservoir. As for the sinkers, it should be easy enough, that would not give the time to cling to the various algae that grow on the bottom, and at the same time sufficient for long casting lure.

As mentioned earlier, fishing for carp in late autumn remains quite active. But still, what would there not talking, the cold water takes its toll. At this time, the fish loses its activity and voracity. Therefore, in the process of catching at this time, it is not recommended to use bait. The exception may be only Boyle. But their use should be limited in the amount of one, maximum two things. If you decide to use them for cold water baits are the optimum oil-based.

As for rods and other gear, then there’s no change here compared to the summer fishing there. All that has brought You prey in summer and autumn will come in handy. Most importantly don’t forget to dress warmly, the fishing turned into catching respiratory disease. Successful to You of rest.

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