Fishing for carp in June

The perfect time for carp fishing in the first place depends on the weather. That’s why the main fishing period is summer. In spring and autumn, the carp are biting poorly or did not take the bait. Really good bite of this fish begins in 1-2 weeks after spawning, i.e., the end of spring and the first days of summer. Experienced fishermen have noted that in June the carp begins to bite everywhere – in the rivers and lakes. Short breaks biting going on almost all summer and continues until autumn, until the water is cooled below 10°C.

Carp takes the bait perfectly in the afternoon. But after prolonged heat or cold weather, this fish moves a little, loses appetite and hides in shelters. If the water warms above 20°C, carps start to move toward the keys or creeks, hide in burrows, under roots, buried in the dense underwater vegetation. In ponds and lakes the carp in this period still prefer to stand in the shade of the reeds. This is the most favorable time for fishing. At high daytime temperatures carp fatten out only at night. The most favorable of fishing for carp in June is considered to be cloud warm weather with occasional rain. When a sudden decrease in temperature, the bite of this fish completely stops.

What tips to use?

Currently on the market has a huge range of nozzles suitable for carp fishing. It peas, corn, and wheat, and worms, and maggots. The first before use, you must be properly prepared.

As a nozzle in June, you can also use baits. In addition, they are perfect for prepaymania and feeding fish. This bait is a substance of very complicated composition, which includes proteins, flavors, amino acids. The specialists of such branches of science like biochemistry and aquatic science. The fishers-experts confirm its excellent properties and suggest to use for catching not only whole boilie, but crushed. They can be purchased in specialized fishing stores, or make yourself.

The avid fishermen are of the opinion that to make the bait carp in June, need the same food, which later will become the nozzle. However, it is much better when the composition of the bait is more bland and less nutritious than the nozzle. In addition, it is impossible to feed too liberally, otherwise the fish will not respond to what will be put on the hook. The spreading of bait is best carried out away from the shore, concentrating it near the place where the nozzle is. For a richer catch bait is best done in several places at a great distance from each other (about 20-30 meters). This simple technique will enable the fisherman to move from one fishing place to another, if the bite will suddenly become inactive.

Vegetable mixture can be used in natural form or cook them in a special way. In other words, in the first case as the bait will have different grain, and in the second bread, and cereals. We must not forget that elementarna and it will be easier the bait, the less effective it will be during fishing in the summer.

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