Fishing for carp in July

July — the height of summer. It’s holiday time, good mood and interesting vacation. And there is no person who during their holiday would have missed a beautiful moment of the summer fishing. Indeed, July is the best month for this activity. By this time, enlightened and warmed the water, settles to the bottom dregs, and the petals wither trees do not cover the water. The fish starts to put on fat and becomes very mobile. It indiscriminately takes an interest in almost any bait. Many species of fish rise to upper water layer, in which there is a lot of food. This is mainly insects fallen in water.

But there is one kind of fish that behaves quite differently. It is well-known carp. Carp — fish is a solid and sedate. In early July, though he becomes noticeably more agile, but goes into depth. And selects a different omucki and pits, where the water is calm and no current. In these places all potential food for the carp down to the bottom where the carp begins to feast.

The carp are bottom fish. And in July this feature is particularly strong. On the surface of the water it rises only in the evening or at night.

Carp in July during one visit, you will not catch he is very careful to any novelty, because at this time food enough. Therefore, having chosen the place where you can hobnob carp, doing a test cast rods with different baits. As a trial of baits you can use steamed corn, slices of cake and very well promenage a firm dough. And, of course, necessary to use bold and thick classic earthworm. Many make the big mistake of trying to aromatize the bait, using anise oil or sunflower oil and even Valerian. But July is not the month when it can be done. In July, the carp is very Moody and takes the bait, which is more natural. The number of rods in the control throw should be no less than four, that is, the number of types of baits. The depth of immersion of the hook should be installed so that the bait was 25 — 40 cm above the bottom.

You are unlikely to find carp in the control casting. Carp is a long time to explore what You offer. Your luck in this case would be that some of the rods will be slow and «sticky» the bite. And this is a great success. After You have determined like the carp, throw it in the water this type of lure. But don’t drop too much. Otherwise percorrete fish.

It is also necessary that the lure is slowly sinking, sinking to the bottom. Horse otherwise the fish will chase the lure and carp can lay low for a few days. … For the first time is enough and You can turn off the rods…

The next day can feel free to come to this place and success will be guaranteed. As bait to bring that carp liked it last time. But be sure to take another tackle — feeder carp. It is simple. From the usual plastic mesh cell 2-3 mm need to sew the bag, measuring 20 by 20 centimeters. Top and bottom fix the line to it. To the top of the line tie a float made of foam with a size of 5x5x5 cm. And to lower the fishing line attach sinker, but heavier. To hang fishing line sinker for casting. In short, the idea is: the grid bag with the lure should float up above the bottom in 25-40 centimeters. Ie food has to be where are the hooks from the rods. The lure should be changed not more often than once in two days. And feeder for carp have to stay in the water overnight. Actually, it’s not a feeding trough and a bait. Because the carp will swim about feeding and eat it can not — too small a grid cell. In this case, the carp will be much «meaner» and more persistent in attacking the bait on the hooks in Your fishing rods.

Another feature of carp fishing in July… If You are on a lured spot caught three or four fish, then do not sit longer. Anyway nothing caught. The carp is not a carp. He is very shy. Better come to his place the next day at 9-10 am. But before leaving, don’t forget to throw in the water a small quantity of food and leave the feeder…

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