Fishing for carp in July. Where and what to catch carp in July?

Fish such as crucian carp, is one of the most famous and easy to care for fish. It is classified as a thermophilic fish, so often crucian carp is found in overgrown lakes and small ponds. Despite its clumsiness, the carp is very careful, a rough tackle and a thick fishing line it is easy to bypass, so the catching of such fish is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

July can rightly be called the most hot month of the summer season, strongly warms the sun, and the upper layers of the reservoir are heated to not quite a comfortable temperature, so all the fish tries to go in depth. Fishing for carp in this month always brings good results, but experienced anglers and in these moments do not remain without a catch.

Carp is often called the capricious fish are biting it slowly and with caution, especially in shallow water, long pulls the nozzle and only after some time takes the float to the side. At this point, is important to the ability of a fisherman hooking fish at the right time. The best time for carp fishing in July — this morning, dawn. At this time, the fish usually rises to the water surface as the upper layers of the reservoir is still not much warmed by the rays of the sun. A good catch in July you can often expect cloudy and rainy weather, when the hot weather gives way to a pleasant summer rain, then carp can eat and throughout the day.

July is the month when starts the flowering process water. This leads to the fact that the fish appears able to eat well, and fed fish to catch much more difficult. Most successful carp caught in the overgrown areas near the coast, the main instrument of fishing — normal fishing rod. In summer, the fish prefers mainly only vegetarian food, so when carp fishing, you should give preference to such nozzles as ordinary brown bread, porridge, dough, wheat or oatmeal in the steamed beans. Not every angler knows that fish like carp, there is no stomach in this regard, he is forced to eat regularly with small temporary interruptions. It is therefore often possible to observe the inexplicable rabid bite, then a complete lack of bite.

When carp fishing the secret to successful fishing is not the bait and lures, namely, in the woods, with not very clear water line it is best to use blue. For large fish that take food from the bottom, fit fishing line, painted in the color of the soil. Large carp are successfully caught and on the ground with deep pits, differences in depth, but early in the morning, even in such places they won’t bite. While fishing from the boat there is a small trick to attract fish to a certain place: experienced fishermen often use bright sand, emptying it in the selected location for casting gear, in order at the bottom was a small bright spot. This is the spot able to be of great interest to fish, thereby increasing the chances of a successful catch.

Carp are very sensitive to changing weather, so you can expect a good catch when the weather changes. However, when the weather is established, the fish can lay low for a few days. The behavior of carp can be very unpredictable and to predict what will be biting is almost impossible. Therefore, fishing for carp because of its leisurely and measured fish is always fraught with many surprises.


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