Fishing for carp in January

Success in fishing for carp in January, it is possible to achieve in the first place, thanks to the good weather. If it will be warm with the wind South or West direction, good bite you provided. However, the bitter cold together with the wind probably hurt defrauding carp. Fish can be found in the riverbeds, where there is a ravine, pool, shrubs, grass.

For successful carp fishing in January, it is desirable to use a float tackle with a reliable line, it is possible with a thin cord. As we know, carp stubbornly resists and jerks, but in the winter it has less resistance than at other times of the year. This fact greatly facilitates the fisherman to choose the right hook and will help him to determine the breaking load for a leash. Such a location to catch carp is required with strong and durable fishing line and cord, and with the appropriate tackle. If the carp ignores a large hook with a great leash, then use a smaller hook and leash less noticeable color. Better to sacrifice strength to provide than a good disguise. It often happens that it bypasses the bait but eats almost all the bait. Use different combinations of hooks, for example, instead of hook No. 4 you can use the hook size is # 2. Similarly, this rule is suitable for leashes. Experts believe that you can catch carp with a thin leash if there is a strong belief in the presence of fish in this pond. Fishing for carp in January is considered to be little success, because this winter months the fish are least active. Despite this masking of the snap-in should prepare carefully, so as not to arouse suspicion from the carp.

The main bait when fishing for carp is a Joker, which is placed on the hook in a large number of larvae. Better to stick bloodworm on the hook in the form of a beam and to completely close the sting of the hook. The larva burdock moth and a conventional worm is not suitable for fishing that is carp in January. Since this fish in the winter behave very passively, than in other months, so you must be careful in all the provocations on the line. If the bait is stationary, then the carp may lose interest to her, because in January he’s particularly lazy. Accuracy with the sweeps you will also need to detect, as carp, having a mild prick of the hook, can leave the fishing place. Because of this, again have to waste time searching for a suitable Parking space for carp fishing. New Parking can be built in ten meters from the previous place, but most often we need to move away from the previous place in the far distance.

Great food is a mixture of having a fish meal. Although the fishermen often claim that fish are useless in the winter. However, it is not so. Because proteins and fats contained in fishmeal, need both summer and winter. The only difference is that carp are inactive and spends less energy in January. You should pay attention to the percentage of fish flour in the mixture. This figure should not exceed 25%. A good catch can contribute to the flavours with a fruity aroma. Important quality baits with specific odors is solubility. Some dissolve on the bottom and smell the same, others emerge closer to the top layer of water, others barely start to smell once in the water. In such cases, the carp eats the bait the pack, so it is important that the bait was in large quantity. Such a circumstance would ensure a successful catch. Stick to the strategy «frequently, but slowly». Currently, In every fishing shop you can buy many different lures. If you use such a winter bait, like fish, you should choose those mixtures that have a high nutritional value and excellent absorption.

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