Fishing for carp in February

In winter the carp, like many other fish, eats less than in the summer. Menu of carp consists mainly of caddis, snails and bloodworms. Therefore, fishing for carp in February has a number of nuances and features. Successful fishing will largely depend on weather conditions. As a rule, if the weather is cold, carp are very sedentary. It often happens that at this time the bite can last only 15 minutes. In February come the thaw, the carp begins to move more in connection with this period, the bite is markedly increased, sometimes up to 3-4 hours. As you know, thaw interspersed with hurricanes occur in late February. It is worth noting that the February time is not very suitable for successful carp fishing, but if competently to approach this process with the right set of lures and the right fishing spots, you can satisfied with success even in late winter.

Before fishing for carp in February, be sure to include fishing tackle. A used Feb winter fishing rod with a float. You can apply the rod on which there is a ring that allows you to use coils of various modifications. They are able to improve the attenuation in strong spurts of production. It is important to remember that not all types of coils suitable for use in extreme cold.

Suitable thickness of the line is approximately 0.2 mm. For braided lines you need to use a thickness of 0.05 millimeters. In hard to reach areas should use a thick fishing line, thickness of which is 0.3 mm. In the process of carp fishing in February, fishing line should be in the tense position. If fly fishing is without float, the fishing line must be held together with the indicator fish.

After decided on the choice of fishing gear, care should be taken to baits for carp fishing in February. Use bloodworms as bait is very proven for February fishing. Stick it in a bundle on the hook. Therefore, Motyl is the traditional winter feed for carp. But mounting this feed in the form of a beam is spoiled by small fish, which are easy to stretch it. You can use other traditional bait for carp is gastropods and caddis worm. Successfully used non-traditional feed for carp in the form of bread crust, potato, barley, green peas and canned corn. Currently, widespread bait in the form of pellets which the carp are biting very successful this time of year. A notable advantage of this feed is the enhanced stability from the attacks of small fish. Solid granules are fixed on the hook by the specific rings out of silicone. However, it’s sting after inserting the hook remains in the clear, which greatly reduces unnecessary undercuts. For carp ideal pellets having a diameter of from 4 to 10 mm, hooks №№ 4-12. It is worth noting that the method carp fishing in February with a fixing of the granules in a ring has a negative trait: when in the mouth of the fish is not always the pellet immediately jumps out of the ring, which prevents strong hooking carp. However, in the era of technological progress has created a special soft pellets which are easily pierced by the hook when they fall into the mouth of the fish. Typically, these soft granules have sizes from 4 to 12 millimeters. In stores for fishing, these foods are sold in packaged form and in small packages. Big plus soft pellets is their durability, such as granulated nozzle tends to persist up to two years while out of the fridge.

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