Fishing for carp in early spring

Spring is a wonderful season for carp fishing, despite the fact that the «official» (so written in all the fishing books, magazines, Newspapers) active biting begins only at the end of may. Just few people know that after the ice melts in this fish occurs pre-spawning feeding period. Because the water is getting warmer, daylight lasts much longer, and after a long winter everybody wants to resume power. Now let’s consider the time, place and methods of fishing. As soon as the pond ice disappeared, the fishermen begin to keep track. At this time, the carp leaves the wintering holes and is suitable for small plots (1,2-1,7 m deep), where there is an old cane, is growing in water the bushes or fallen trees. Since all the cold season (over 3 months) fish held on the bottom, her body settled leeches and other parasites, which bring water to the resident a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, the fish in the first period of its activity seeks to get rid of them: she jumps out of the water, rubs on aquatic vegetation and snags, feeding the signs of their presence (circles on the water, shaking the branches and reeds) and should see «Karpaty». If a fisherman noticed, so he found a suitable place for fishing.

Start to catch carp, when the water in the pond warms up to 6-8 degrees above zero (approximately 2-3 weeks after ice disappeared). Use a float. The main thing that it was fitted correctly: light the rod up to 4 meters, the coil head is installed on the main line 0.22-0.25 mm in diameter and leash 0.18 mm Float small and plain – made of wood or feathers from the goose. Sinker and the hook should not be shiny.

Lure carp for the week before fishing, so he got used and spun in the shery. This steamed barley, add chopped worm, maggots, bloodworms, squeeze a few cloves of garlic for the smell, all this is well mixed with the soil (too light color lures can alert fish, so at the bottom it should not stand out) and thrown into the water.

Sunny day with little wind are ideal conditions for carp fishing. Go fishing in the morning to 10 o’clock already settle and throw tackle. As bait use worms and maggots as peas, corn and other plant tips in the spring, rarely attract the fish. Place to lure the obligatory condition of successful fishing. Bite carp slowly — often float slowly starts to swim away or dive under the water. At this moment it is cutting. Get the fish you need with ease, to see that she had gone into the bushes or reeds. The main rule is to use the coil and carry a butterfly net. Often after several attempts to get off the hook fish gives in and quietly goes to the shore. In this way in early spring you will catch no more than 1-2 Karpov, so if you missed one bite or the fish went down, then you can safely go home – a chance to bite a second time is very small.

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