Fishing for carp in December

Many believe that catching carp in the winter time, useless. But this is not so important in this event to correctly identify the place. With the arrival of cold weather, the water temperature decreases, the feed becomes less and oxygen because the water surface is covered with ice. At this time, Karp leads a sedentary lifestyle. Look for carp is in the deepest places, not less than 2 metres. There the water temperature does not jump, as in shallow water. Steep banks, especially if the water is lots of driftwood and vegetation. In areas of confluence with the pond warmer streams, such as channels, CHP. In places where there was springs, the spring water is warmer and is the perfect place for wintering. To identify such sites is easy, the ice is thinner may be thawed.

Do not stop at one selected location. Make a few holes in different places. This can help to identify the areas with aquatic vegetation, where they like to winter carp. Use bait with a small percentage of edible components, but with additives trigger your appetite. If during the year you lure the fish to the pond with the same bait, the fish gets used to it. But in the winter, in restricted food conditions, can show an interest in new and unfamiliar to the bait.

In December, the carp are already active, and to catch him, you have to draw something. Choose bright, pop-UPS, nozzles, they do not get lost in the bottom debris, and the bright color will attract attention. If winter came early, autumn debris settled on the bottom before it is possible to use a bottom bait. In the manufacture of bait you can use fish meal, it contains fats that are necessary for the nutrition of carp in the winter. But don’t add too much, about 20-30 percent fatty foods so it is difficult to digest.

Use different flavors. Different flavors behave differently in cold water. To select the most appropriate, test them in a bowl of ice water. Pour a small amount into the water, some will remain floating on the surface, others sink to the bottom or remain in the water column. Preparing the bait, add one of each type of solubility. This will secure the full flavoring of water in the place of fishing.

Catch carp in December, on a single bait or lure. Can be effective living tips, such as manure worms, maggots, larvae of bark beetles. Natural scent and vibrations to attract the fish. To lure the carp to feed will help sets of a few baits. Nasverliv a few holes, alternately, delete the garlands with lures in each of them. Such a method should stir even the laziest carp. If the fish eat all the bait, and the attachments remain intact, then try to replace the hook. If the venue doesn’t snag, you can try the fishing line less visible.

It is also possible to jig fishing or trolling. The jig is better to choose light, silver, small size (not more than 40 mm) hook №6 — №9. Jig choose a medium size with a hook №4. But the fishing line for winter fishing is better to choose a more durable. Carp, even in winter, despite its stiffness, very strong fish. Trying to extract him from the hole, try to keep his head to the hole. It is a good idea to have a small hook to pull the fish out of the hole. Bite carp in winter is different from summer bite. Do not expect strong jerks, small twitches are a signal for sweeps.

Weather conditions strongly influence fish activity. At sharp races of pressure or a sharp change in the weather, the carp has no interest in feeding. In a period of calm, when the weather is smooth and cloudy, the fish will become active. But remember fish in the winter may be only two hours.

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