Fishing for carp in August

Fishing for carp in August – it is not easy. The reason is that this species of fish usually feeds only on plankton and benthic vegetation, so fishing it on the bottom or float tackle is almost meaningless. But as they say: «If long to suffer, something happens.»

Carp are by nature not alone. He lives in flocks and feeds on phytoplankton. Seasoned fishermen noticed that the fishing of silver carp in August , the most efficient, due to the phytoplankton bloom in this period of the year. It is advisable to combine the catch of this fish with the fishing of other species. This is due to the fact that fish for carp is extremely difficult, but focusing on it alone, can remain without a catch. Perfect for catching this fish ponds with clear water greenish tint (which would indicate the presence of a large number of phytoplankton).

Now let’s talk about the tools for catching carp in August. You need to choose the equipment which has a high load capacity – zakidushki, feeders and carp poles. You can also mount the so-called shock leader, which is a trough shipped attached to a special leash from the line. A shock leader is thrown only on the crystal-clear bottom, and the length of the leash must be at least 30 cm. the Best food for silver carp is the peas boiled to a pulp, you want to invest in a bird feeder and strengthen the breadcrumbs, more dense in consistency. The bait is made from a piece of foam up to 7 cm in diameter. It is noticed that the best carp bite in the first half of the day – from early morning until lunch.

Consider fishing for carp in August on float tackle. The unusual structure of the mouth of the fish (carp’s lower lip more than the upper, and strongly bulging forward) determines the special approaches to its fishing. Fishing from the bottom is considered to be an exercise in futility, because, in order to approach the bait, the fish will have to be perpendicular to the bottom (what she had not yet learned). So catching carp is better in half-waters or from the top. Sometimes it is enough to put the depth on float -10-15 cm.

Silver carp feeds on plankton, not only, but any food fall into the pond. To catch this fish it is best to lie a float, as the fish are very skittish and wary of her, standing in the water float. Bait carp always comes from the bottom and watching all the objects in the sky. So the color of the float should not be too bright. When choosing a nozzle should consider than usually feeds the fish. There are times that the attachments fit the usual black bread or sweet corn.

When fishing for carp on the bottom gear it is best to fill the spring technofunctional, which can be bought in any fishing store. And as to take the bait off the bottom a fish, then the hooks need to wear Styrofoam balls (plain or flavored).

Noticed that carp usually takes much at once. If you have a solid tackle, the shoots are practically impossible. So to prepare for catching carp in August, you need to carefully, choosing a particularly sturdy gear.

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