Fishing for carp in April

Finally came the first spring days. Disappears last ice approaching the time of fishing on the open water. And so we will talk about carp fishing in April.

Just this month, the Karas awakens and departs from its winter torpor. And now it’s time to find a place to fish.

There are places where the carp are biting daily at a certain time of day. Such Parking carp you’ll find in the big bays. In the vast waters of the Bay one can observe an interesting picture — a few meters from the shoreline there is a Parking of a crucian, a little to the side – and it has bite small roach. And all this at the same distance from the shore.

The carp prefers quiet areas of the Bay. This fish keeps near the lush aquatic vegetation. But if algae are visible above the water surface, it is likely that carp was not found. In such places usually inhabited by shoals of white fish.


Here anglers will have search baits, because the fish prefers worms, but it only mastyrka (semolina, peas and water). From bread and barley should be abandoned. If the carp fell for mastyrka then any other bait especially draws him.

Go to the tackle

Catch carp belongs near the bottom, so the frequent change of depth does not threaten us. It is best to apply the so-called «dumb» mount of the float, which requires special attention. Carp are biting very gently, so the sensitivity of the float should be maximized. It is best to use floats feather — Gusinoye. They are quite clearly visible at a distance of 15 meters, and the light color is not alarming fish. Hooks No. 3 and No. 5 should be of good quality, heavy fish is not left off the hook. And in the morning these ladders can sometimes be several times for fishing. The sinker the only requirement is that it be inconspicuous.

Actually fishing

Looking for Parking of a crucian, it is necessary to draw attention to the great growth of algae. As a rule, he lives there.

Of great importance in the process of fishing is the dressing, which you can use barley, bread crumbs, certain mixtures, etc. But be careful with the amount — do not overdo it! Just throw the lure, and then start pulling out the rods. And half an hour later the bait will have an effect to improve the bite.

The biting of a crucian in April, quite dull and not even interesting. First, the float will freeze still. Then begin the movement, almost invisible to the eye. The float begins to drive from side to side. And only after several minutes of anxious waiting, the float will finally float to the side. And then to do the cutting. The sinking of the float does not count. It will not.

This is the main unpleasant moment connected with April fishing for carp. But all this kompensiruet the size of fish caught. Moreover, all the bait is on the bottom, this means that the fish change are unlikely to fall for it. After a few trips you determine the best time. And in the future will be able to catch carp consistently.

Noted that the best bite, but also a record of specimens caught from about 7 o’clock in the morning. But it is provided that the lure is to pour in the evening.

And yet quite often fail hooks. When podsekanie heavy fish could be happy only a few seconds of struggle… to pull an empty hook. Remember that lips Karasik gentle and with a sharp cutting can be damaged. So let the hooks are quality, and experience in breeding you will not fail.

Good luck!

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