Fishing for carp in April, deep-sea career

How many fishing theories have been disproved by life in recent years! Contrary to theoretical dogmas of the past, crucian carp in recent years, catch from the ice. He pecks at the bait. And, in addition, recently caught in the rivers on the jet…

Such a strange fish this carp.

However, depending on the habitat, the crucian carp is quite predictable. And habitat of this fish is very diverse. Carp can live in shallow and deep lakes, peat bogs and fast-flowing rivers, wastewater treatment plants, bypass channels, power plants, reservoirs and quarries. Spring fishing for carp in a career has its own characteristics. We talk about them. Quarry differs from other waters by the nature of the seabed and the weak forage base. Well, when the quarry is not very deep. The water in this reservoir in the spring is warming up quickly enough, at the bottom of the fast emerging vegetation, and therefore underwater animals – the main feed of crucian carp in the spring. This quarry is not very different from any «crucian» of the lake. The habits of the carp here are understandable and predictable. (There are, of course, the features associated with the time biting and preference bits).

In the deep career, especially if it is fed by groundwater, the situation is slightly different. Even in April the water in this pond is still quite cold and high. Warm up only the upper layers of water. Plants appear only on the shallow coastal waters, feeds almost there.

Carp in this reservoir in April rises to the surface of the water, break in the pack and phlegmatic furrowing career, concentrating for a short time in the area near the flooded bushes and last year’s stems of reeds and rushes. There, he preys on insects that fall into water or move the plant.

Catching carp in this period particularly difficult. Any surge, any sudden movement scare the whole pack. She abruptly goes back or just running away from suspicious places. There is nothing to even think about how to catch this bottom. Therefore, even aficionados of feeder, change the preference for centrifugal fishing rods and sports gear.

Ideal for carp fishing in April suitable long flight feathers of the rod (6 – 7 m), thin fishing line out of fluorocarbon (with a diameter of 0,12 – 0,14), light sports floats (1 – 2 g) or floats for fishing from the surface, which are used to catch summer carp. Hooks make better use of small.

Bait in this period not working. Nozzles are only of animal origin, are small, have a high energy value. Of available attachments work small worms, preferably from those who live in the area of the reservoir, large bloodworms and protein dough.

Catch carp in early April in a deep quarry – the exception rather the rule. By the way, most bites possible not earlier than mid-day.

Real fishing April carp starts in the second half of the spring month. At this time usually warms up the water layer of about five feet, and, therefore, shallow water is boiling life. Carp at this time truly waking up. He goes on the usual depth and begins to behave almost like summer. Just beginning to peck not before warming up the water reservoir, that is, from about ten in the morning.

At this time carp can be caught by the centrifugal, plug, Bolognese and feeder tackle. The only condition is that the animal attachment. The carp in this period is preparing to spawn, because eating often, but the nozzle is better to use small. April Karas begins to bite from the bottom. And every day more and more actively. Only sudden changes in pressure, temperature, light conditions negatively affect the biting of a crucian in deep-sea career.

Fishing for carp in the spring interesting, varied and instructive. Career fishing is just one of the directions. Other conditions will dictate other methods of fishing. There is a reason for fishing to think about and something to learn.

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