Fishing for carp for beginners

The carp is a very common fish in almost all water bodies. Carp is a subspecies of carp. The weight of an adult carp from 9 to 35 kg, mainly carp kept in small flocks, with the exception of major carps that prefer to live separately. The carp is thermophilic fish and fed at a temperature of from 10 C.

For food, the carp eats insect larvae, worms and various mollusks. He eats almost all day, so got a nickname «omnivorous».

In the spring and early summer carp feeds on young cane, other fish eggs and frogs. Reed is also a shelter for carp, so the carp are rarely found in waters where grows the cane.

The place of residence of carp depends on the season, time of day, and characteristics of the reservoir. Often carp can be found in reed beds, there are a lot of small fish and a good shelter for carp, that is why such places attract carp most. Large carp mostly caught in deep places, these places attract the carp cool and plenty of food.

The most popular bait for carp is corn. Is perfect raw young corn, and canned. Corn can be added to the bait put on the hook. Now you can buy even flavored and colored corn.

The bait is made of bread

For bait you need to pick a bread cereal and for bait on the hook better suited to rye bread crumb, if it’s not on hand, then you should paint the bread crumb special yellow-red dyes or brown sugar. From the crumb you need to roll small balls and put them on the hook.


The foam is a very popular type of bait. Allures fish feeder, which is tied to the hooks with foam. Karp begins to suck the bait out of the trough, the foam gets into his mouth and only have to hooking the fish.

Good fishing to you!


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