Fishing for carp before spawning

Carp is a common resident of the Russian reservoirs, which is very popular among many fishermen. This interesting fish is found in all water bodies of the Russian Federation, and very often it occurs in a fairly decent size. Many fishermen love catching this fish because it bites almost everywhere. But still, to catch the really captured the instance you need to know some peculiarities and secrets that will give good result.

The topic of our conversation will be float fishing for carp before the spring spawn. Yes, just before spawning activity of carp rises considerably, and he begins to bite more often. The reason for this activity is a long-time hunger strike, when the pond was covered with ice, and the carp had no opportunity to feed. But when the sun warmed and the ice has left the ponds, the carp begins to prepare for spawning, that is, it starts a greedy pre-spawning feeding period. During the spring Jora carp are biting very actively, and you have the opportunity to catch a specimen exceeds the weight of 1 kilogram, because the spawn are both large and small carp.

Because in the spring at carp there is such a diversity of plants, algae and other food, he will greedily rush to all the offered bait. In the spring the carp shows itself as a hungry hunter, and the majority of his time he spends in search of good food. Fisher-poplavochnye is a great way to catch several decent copies, because such activity in the pre-spawning season may no longer be.

Places where carp are to be driven in the spring quite a lot. After hibernation it starts to occupy all available corners of the reservoir, so that the search process will not take you much time.

It is worth noting that a good result depends on the fishing the right bait.

In order to catch trophy carp you need to use attractive and aromatic lure, which may include: bread, bloodworm, maggot, corn and others. Many fishermen claim that the best bait for spring fishing carp is a fragrant dung of the worm. This bait is widely used for catching all the representatives of peaceful fish, including carp for that bite on it often.

Also you can try different flavors and enhancers smell, for different baits, but remember that the carp does not like irritating odor.

Try to use nice to smell the aromas like vanilla or caramel, as these odors attract the carp better than anyone.

Spring fishing for carp has its own features and secrets, but if you know these secrets and apply them to fishing, the result is really awesome!


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