Fishing for carp. Bait, bait, fishing strategy.

Of all the inhabitants of ponds and rivers for carp is one of the most interesting fishes are undemanding, able to live even in the pond where the water quality is poor. This fish is able to gain weight more than thirty pounds. Carp in cold water almost does not move and do not feed, so actively behave in our country it starts in late spring.

What is surprising is that this fish is able to jump out of the water, making it not only when life is threatened, but before you can begin to feed. For jumping and primaryvideo of sound which emits a carp, sucking the vegetation that is in the water, can accurately determine the location of feeding of this fish.

Usually, fishermen consider that carp are biting well, only a couple of hours after dawn, but really, if its in water a lot and the weather is warm and windless it will feed until late in the evening.

Fishing strategy

Don’t just think carp are timid and very strong. Despite the fact that this fish is very voracious, very long time to wait for a bite, and so do not wait. Mainly the lack of fish in good conditions indicates a poor disguise. If the carp will notice the angler or fishing line near the bait, most likely, to bite, he will not.

This bait is better to throw away from himself to the side, but quite close to the shore. Carp will take the bait faster on the rocks where it is not visible person than in depth, because there is a good review.

Bait and nozzles

Carp are omnivorous little, for this reason he very quickly gets used to the new diet of vegetable or animal origin, and consequently to new lures. That is why in recent time it began to catch on to the silkworm cocoons and Boyle. Pretty good bait will be the usual sweet corn from the can. If the pond is practiced paid fishing carp feed, the best bait will be pellet fish feed.

Bait for carp fishing can be prepared from different types of grain mixture. Quite often boiled hemp and separately from it the corn, peas and barley (cannabis fall apart faster). You can also flavor the bait crushed peanuts or cocoa powder.

This files most often as bait for common carp used the dung of the worm. Not so long ago became popular overseas nozzle Boyle. It’s a homemade or purchased balls, consisting of a homogeneous mixture of several cereals. Their own, usually made from pancake flour, adding eggs, getting a pastry. To attract fish smell use store-bought flavors, but according to experienced fishermen it is better to add a bit of thyme. Make the dough sausage, cut into pieces and rolled into balls about an inch in diameter, then boiled until tender with sugar. Boilies can be hidden and also floating you can use them as bait and as the bait.

A very efficient lure ordinary boiled potatoes. But with the preparation of this bait will have to conduct many experiments to determine the variety of potato and method of cooking. After all slices should be quite soft and it is very firmly sit on the hook. The sad thing is that is not known to be good bait next time, if she had been successful.

Wild carp the place of residence is not rates, are commonly called carps. In the lower reaches of large rivers to hang out a lot, and he grows to an enormous size. The main methods of catching carp are the same as carp fishing, the only difference is more frequent use of animal baits: clams and crayfish.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that anglers sportsmen pay special attention to carp fishing. Harvest individual tackle with the special hooks and this is not surprising. It is not so easy to get this giant fish using traditional hook, even if it is very large. Among the fishermen there is a perception that carp, resisting, maybe its dorsal fin to break the line. The structure of the fin of a carp that the first beam is strong enough and has several notches, it could help the fish not only to grind the line, but still hard enough to prick.

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