Fishing for carp and carp on myhouse

Mihovka – a special device that allows you to catch the cake. It is necessary to say that the steamed cake is not suitable for fishing, since it emits a faint scent. Mihovka is a platform which carries the cake with hooks. There are several options for making smajovic. The article lists some of them. The essence of fishing on the cake is this: the water starts cake soak and give off a fragrance that attracts carp.

Carp swims up to the cake and begins to eat off it, and as the carp suck on the food, not devour it, then they are free to draw the hooks located inside zmijavci. Sometimes two hooks are not hidden in the cake, and put them on worms or bloodworms. This method is effective on lakes where you have to draw the ball to greater distance.

Fishing this way, you need a reliable and durable rod length of 4-5 meters with powerful coil. The coil can be any inertial multiplier or spinning. Suitable fishing line high strength ( = 0.4 mm). Its length is 70-80 meters. It should be noted that for fishing on myhouse is not only suitable float fishing rod, but spinning.

Cake for catching carp choose sunflower, hemp or soy. The finished cake must be cut into small cubes or rectangles.

Mihovka spoon

You take an ordinary tablespoon with cut petiole. A little below the crop is drilled a small hole. At the bottom of a spoon pour a small amount of lead. Lead is a sinker. The hole in the spoon is inserted into a small ring with a diameter of 0.5 cm To a ring 4 is attached a leash (leash length should be 5-7 cm) with hooks (6 – 8) and the whole structure of the ring attached to the main fishing line.

For this design zmijavci pressed pomace is not suitable. To secure the cake design, it should be soaked, then mix with flour or crumb of brown bread in the ratio of 2:1. Of these ingredients to make a dense dough. Then, from the resulting dough to sculpt small balls (like a walnut). You can also use dry seeds of the above crops. Ready seeds grind in a food processor. The finished texture is added to the dough for boilies. Here and also add the bread pieces. All the ingredients are mixed until a thick dough. Then take a small piece of dough and roll hooks with a leash. The mixture with the hooks attached to the bottom of the spoon. Tackle ready for fishing.

Mihovka of lead plates

Takes a lead plate (2,5×1,5×0,8 cm). In the center of the plate is curved at half a centimeter in diameter, 0.8 cm Across the plate is drilled a hole with a diameter of half an inch. The hole is designed for a scaffold. Cut a piece of nylon thread and the ends are tied durable hooks (6 – 8). Thread and hooks attached to a sliding loop. The length of leads should not exceed 5 cm.

Piece of cake is inserted into the loop and pressed to the plate. In the corners are stuck hooks. In the water plate will be at the bottom, and on top of her cake. Fish will swim to it and begin to suck the cake as long as the hooks will not be in the mouth.

Mihovka type «harvester»

Taken spring of medium strength. The strength should be such that the spring can be bent and straightened. The length of the spring should be 10 – 12 cm, diameter 1.5 – 2 cm Half the springs straighten and run through its center. This should be done as shown in the picture attached to the text. The rectified part of wearing a lead balloon. The sinker is centered and fixed. The rectified part of the spring is attached to the ring (the diameter is the same as for zmijavci with a spoon), and it sticks to the main fishing line. On the ring are attached four of the leash (4 – 5 cm). Myhouse stick the dough from the cake (dough recipe described above). It should completely hide the hooks. Mihovka ready for fishing.

Fishing myhouse

Myhouse caught in stagnant water, and on the course. It is desirable that the bottom of a fishing spot, it was smooth and without snags. The bottom should be muddy, otherwise the gear will sink into the silt and the fish will not notice. Fishing tackle this is most effective on sandy and rocky bottom.

Myhouse refer to the bottom of the gear. Therefore, the process of fishing on myhouse identical fishing on the Donk. When fishing always have to be hard. Without it difficult to pull the fish out of water. At the beginning of the bite, you must first tighten the line, then let go. To repeat these steps several times. This is necessary in order to wear down the fish. At these manipulations it is necessary to ensure that the fishing line was always in tension. Once the fish stops resisting, pull it out of the water. You should pay attention to the fact that carp are very strong fish and can make great strides in front of the Bank and cut the line. To prevent breakdown, use the landing net.

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