Fishing for carp and carp in the spring

In the spring, when water is released from ice in the winter, fishing is not vyydti. Many fishermen look forward to spring fishing for carp and carp. In fact they are relatives and in many respects the behavior and habitat of fish like. Carp love the quiet creeks, reeds, snags. All of this natural shelter. In clear water the carp can not be found. There, he can easily fall prey to predatory fish. And then the carp feels freely and widely. As soon as the ice is gone and spring sun begins to warm the water, the fish begins to move more actively. Many fishermen know this and are rushing on the shore of the reservoir to enjoy fishing for carp.

Such fishing begins about the middle of April, sometimes a little earlier and lasts almost until mid-July. Carp at first small, and then larger, at first hesitantly, and then more and more begins to bite. For lovers of the spring fishing is a lot of fun to use this careful and cunning fish.

The biting of a crucian, it is impossible to confuse with any other bite. Float almost imperceptibly falls and it slowly attaches to the side. And when he goes to the side is a signal for the fisherman, set the hook! If you be not careful, it is very easy to miss the bite. And then the result of all the fishing hook will be empty.

A little bit about the bait and the bait. With the bait need to be very careful as the carp is very easy to overfeed, and then a normal catch can be forgotten. As for bait, then there is a very wide selection, because the fish are biting on almost everything, be it maggots or dough, bread or fly. It is difficult to judge the preferences of the fish, it happens, one day the fish prefers caddis and the other a worm give him. So going to Karasin hunting should have a wide Arsenal of baits.

Yet Pisces is a very highly developed sense of smell, and here, too, opens a wide field for experimentation. Today, stores for fishermen a wide enough range of products. But here I want to warn, do not get carried away, everything is good in moderation. In addition, the carp fish is very capricious, and as we noted earlier, his tastes change rapidly.

If your Arsenal has a boat, a very nice fish weighing 500-600 grams. These individuals hold at depth, because the surface of the water is still cold. A small advice for beginners, it is not necessary to put the bait on the bottom. Most likely the fish will not notice it and you can sit long enough in vain. In General, the vast majority of bites occur on the vase, and therefore when fishing at depth it is best to leave five feet to the bottom.

And finally I would like to tell you about the time carp fishing. Best time of day is early morning or late evening. At this time begins the real carp feeding period. All of course different, but in the morning it is roughly 5-6 hours. And in the evening, at dusk. To float is also visible in the twilight now available floats with lights. Well, it’s nice to get a trophy weight of 600 grams.

But with the onset of August crucian carp stops to peck at, so seize the day and carp! See you soon!

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