Fishing for burbot in the summer

Many professionals argue that to catch burbot in summer does not exist. But this is a myth. Fish depend on water temperature. In the upper reaches of spring creeks to fish all year round, the water temperature there, even in summer about 8 degrees. To catch cod you need to start around the middle of April, while the water is still quite cold. Burbot is a relative of the cod fisheries in Northern latitudes, so the cold water is his natural habitat. And he is the only representative of the cod, which lives in fresh water. Burbot takes on the frogs, tassels red worm, a dead fish, sometimes in a canned, larvae, worms and live bait. Most popular as bait – worms-Nightcrawlers. Both autumn and summer, using the same gear. The classic version of the gear – Donk. It is cheap, and it is easy to collect. The details: the hooks must be long shaft, and fishing line 0.3 mm, no less. The leash should serve as metal cord, fishing line burbot will eat. But the most effective is zakidushka – a kind of an ordinary donkey. It is a wound on motoviltse the line on the sinker end is attached, and above the lead with a hook. Catch of burbot and ravings, mostly this trip is in August, preferably early in the morning.

Lately without feeder summer fishing is not complete. Feeder with groundbait feeder attracts many benthic fry. It attracts burbot, but to catch snapper fish trifle does not always work and you have to grab the hook with the worms. The bite burbot powerless and weak. As with other nocturnal fish, burbot phlegmatic and sluggish, it is not evident on the bait, and slowly pulls the nozzle throat. Better to strike at the first shaking of the spinning.

In the river, where there are crayfish to catch burbot is the most problematic. The slightest noise, they hide in burrows to drive them out is very difficult. In this case, applies the method of «schupane» or as it is called «duranie». Most will use this method on small streams with steep banks. Apply this method only in shaded areas, around overhanging trees and sources. Although mine are sensitive to heat, in addition, they are indifferent to touch,still need some skill as burbot slimy. To draw out burbot is easy – it is poorly resists the main thing is not to let him go under a snag. And to get better as burbot and slippery to hold it with bare hands is difficult.

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