Fishing for burbot in the spring

Soon on many rivers will start the break-up, comes the flood. The water freed from ice and you can start spring fishing for burbot. This fish is quite cautious, so look for her to have a special «burbot». Is the holes at the bottom with lots of driftwood and underground keys. Also burbot mono to find the krutoyary, often in the neighborhood of crayfish burrows. Sometimes burbot can live under man-made structures: piers, rafts. That is, in those places where fish can safely wait out the daylight hours, as it is largely nocturnal.

Experienced anglers find such places even in the fall and try to clear them from the grass and snags to the extent possible.


Spring fishing for burbot with a short compared to winter and autumn periods. This is about two weeks end of April and beginning of may. So most fishermen it just misses. Although in the spring you can catch good specimens, which are not inferior to the winter trophies.

At the time of day to fish best at night.

Tackle for fishing

Usually fishing takes fishing line with a diameter of 0.8 mm, a length of 30-35 meters. At greater length is not necessary, the main thing that it was comparable to the depth of the river. The fishing line is attached to leashes with a length of approximately 25 cm from the fishing line. Diameter which should be slightly thinner than fishing line. Hooks taken No. 8-14. sinkers should be heavy enough that they would not have stolen the over – weight not less than 100 grams. They are mounted on a separate leash.

Hooks it is desirable to take with a long shank and cut notches. These hooks are better because the bait, and with it the hook burbot almost always swallows very deeply. Which the hooks are pretty difficult to pull. So many anglers often take large stock of hooks.


In the spring as bait more often than not take the bait. On the advice of experienced anglers the best live bait are small perch. Skewer them on the hook for 3-4 pieces. While perch is pierced a third of the body, and the hook inserted through the head. If there are live fish, for bait, you can take dead or frozen.

To cutting was more successful, stinger hook need some to withdraw from the body of the bait. Sometimes, different things can eat off the bait, thereby disrupting the fishing. To avoid this, often the second hook as bait must be mounted worms. Then the little thing will overeat them, and the bait-fish will not touch.

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