Fishing for burbot in October

Such fish as burbot, the fishermen is very popular, such as perch or pike-perch. It should be noted that the beginning of catching these fish approximately the same time — it happens somewhere between pergolide and late autumn.

According to experts, fishing for burbot in October is not a very pleasant process for fishermen, because of weak strength and low mobility of this fish. Burbot can be called the only freshwater fish species that belongs to the family of cod. Typically, this species lives in cold waters, mainly in the basins of the Arctic ocean. He eats mostly mollusks, worms, clams, and small fish. Its main difference from other predators is that he almost never chases the prey, swam to the surface of the water. According to some reports, a good bait when fishing for burbot in October can be a ruff or a minnow, as they live mostly on the bottom where the fish almost constantly hunting.

According to most experts, after the establishment of the water bodies (as a rule, bays, marine and river oxbows) of the first ice burbot aktiviziruyutsya in search of food. For catching burbot in October you can use not only the bait but also of gerpisa and postawski. Gecici very popular among experienced anglers thanks to its versatility. Using them one can hunt for different fish, such as pike, and in the evening or at night, lowering the bait to the bottom, leaving a supply of fishing line and a signal box to carry out to catch burbot.

According to some, the most favorable time for catching burbot — from the beginning of freeze-up and before the spawning. The spawning period is recommended to make a break in the favorite activity, since the bulk of the fish goes to the upper reaches of the rivers, whereby the fishing can be less successful.

In order to obtain from fishing this fish on live bait special treat, it is necessary to observe three important conditions. Namely: to choose the right time of year, time of day (burbot hunts mainly at night) and to choose the right direct fishing. The most severe condition is the correct choice of fishing. This is due to the fact that, as a rule, it is detected by chance.

Leaving postawski unattended for a long period, especially at night, to limit the supply of the working of the line, as if it is too long, the fish can go to karagic, where it will be quite difficult to remove.

When fishing for burbot in October, be aware that after the capture of the prey he’s not swimming like many other fish, but remains in place and slowly sucked it. Further he departs from this place, capturing the line, and as a result gets hooked. To catch burbot on live bait pretty hard, as he practically does not manifest itself until, until you take the bait. That’s why fishing is better to use not the rod but gecici or postawski.

According to some reports, the best time for catching burbot in October — the evening or night when the noise subsides, and the fish begins to approach the shore in search of food. Here the main thing not to frighten luck with loud cheers and calls.

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